• A stigma exists around mental

    Is the precise corollary of

    A stigma exists around Jews.

    I am not amused.

    Harold A. Maio


  • It is difficult to know how to react when the term “stigma” is assinged. More so when it is defended as “common.”
    The sigma of mental illness is “common” in Canada, the stigma of Jews was “common” elsewhere.

    I guess I am looking for the uncommon. Those people who do not proclaim, endorse, validate, repeat, pass on “stigmas.”
    I am sure many Jews looked for that as well.
    “Common” as an excuse for repeating? I do not think so.

    Harold A. Maio

  • HaroldAMaio

    How often have you received a request to donate to a walk for depression?

    NAMI WALKS is national campaign in the US. Blackdog Ride is a national campaign in Australia.

  • Valerie

    The stigma extends to the fact that the paper did not carry this story but directed people to access it online. Very typical of our community and it’s desire to keep it’s head deep in the sand.