• Corrigator

    Well, I suppose a few things need some corrections, just to set the utterly biased ab baseless accusations.

    Orbán’s first government betweem 1998-2002 was the one that introduced Holocaust remembrance day;

    His party was the one delegating the first Gypsy MEP to Brussels;

    He himself is often called tro be a Gypsy by his (mostly Socialists) opponents, whereas the right-wing radicals call Fidesz party as Zsidesz, a slur to associate them with Jews;

    Furthermore, the anti-Roma incidents happened during the previous Socialist-Liberal Governmnet headed bs Ferenc Gyurcsány who gained public attention by admitting (in a secret and later leaked speech) to have lied ‘mornig, evening and the night” in order to falsify economical data to win election. Incidentally he still lives in a villa confiscated from te wealthy Jewish businessman by Communists after WW2, whereas his former fellow Socialist party member comrade made some really stupid jokes about the Jews killed in 1944.

    Concerning Bayer, his description of Cohen (and only his – no generalization against Jews) was a direct reaction of Cohen’s description of Hungary as an “ugly little country with old fould stench”, so he should not have been surprised to find retort in the same kind. Also what Bayer described about the Gypsies was about separating the criminal part of their community, committing horrendous crimes against the elderly and the undefended, including rape, murder, lynching.


  • Passepartoute

    We’re nobody’s fools. We know that when Immigration Minister Jason Kenney puts Hungary and the Czech Republic on the “safe countries” list, it is the Harper Government’s way of setting up a categorical exclusion for Roma claiming refugee status in Canada. As Jews, we should be the first to denounce this. We should not forget their shared fate at Auschwitz and the atrocities committed against them throughout Europe. We were able to leave and make a safe home for ourselves and our children here in North America, in Israel and elsewhere. We know that increasing numbers of Jews are leaving Hungary because of anti-Semitism. We should think long and hard the next time a Conservative comes calling for a party donation and the next time we’re asked to put an X beside the name of a Conservative at a polling booth.

  • Maxwell Silverhammer

    So now we have had both sides of the argument. For me as a Jew who reads newspapers including this one, it is no secret that there is a concerted effort by Hungarian fascists and others to target Roma exactly as Mr. Csillag has described. In fact as has been mentioned one of the opposition parties is fascist and at one time a senior member of Jobbik had floated the idea of collecting the names of Jews who live in the country. There are some real concerns today for Jews and Roma despite attempts to claim otherwise.

    And Zvi, while our mainstream so called Jewish advocacy groups from B’nai Brith to Simon Wiesenthal and CIJA to JDL have remained brutally silent at least the Toronto Board of Rabbis, and high profile Jews like Elie Wiesel, Bernie Farber, Dr. Phil Berger, Nate Leipciger and others have spoken out. But the silence of Christian Churches and Islamic leaders can’t help but be noticed.

    • Corrigator

      “at one time a senior member of Jobbik had floated the idea of collecting the names of Jews who live in the country.”

      This is a flat lie. This is the original:

      “Itt lenne az ideje a gázai konfliktus kapcsán, hogy felmérjük: a
      magyar Országgyűlésben és a magyar kormányban hány olyan zsidó
      származású ember van, aki nemzetbiztonsági kockázatot jelent
      Magyarország számára”

      “It is now timely that, as related to the Gaza conflict, we should evaluate how many persons of Jewish origin are either in the Hungarian Parliament or the government of Hungary who represent state security risks for Hungary”.

      And considering the famous statement of Shimon Peres on “We, Israelis are buying up Manhattan, Hungary, Poland and Romania” one would be curious to know, too.


  • Karl E. Pfeifer

    I note with astonishment corrigators effort to show a basic difference between the ideology of Fidesz and Jobbik. However it was Fidesz in 2012 who rehabilitated the antisemitic Hungarian writer and MP József Nyirö, a man who declared his love for Joseph Goebbels, who until spring 1945 propagated the war on the side of the Third Reich. Fidesz tries to get credit abroad with alibi-actions but is practically allied in many local administrations with Jobbik. Just a few days ago the Hungarian Censorship authority (it is called Media-Authority) has warned ATV not to call Jobbik right extremist. So Csillag sees Hungary as it is and not as Fidesz wants us to believe it is.

  • Shayna

    I have been traveling back and forth to Hungary since Winter 2001and my most recent trip was in June. It is very scary what has become normal. Among other things, I met Csillag and wrote this piece: http://www.kzoo.edu/praxis/alternatives-to-fear/#more-4610