• TerrorIsEvil

    I think that a few important Jewish people like Michael Dan and the
    Tanenbaum foundation (and Bernie Farber who works for Dan’s corporation, see:
    http://geminipowercorp.ca/managementteamc4.php) should be supporting Israel and
    Jewish people, not pandering to natives for more dialogue with their own business
    contacts/contracts as the hidden agenda. The native community has not been very
    supportive of Israel: whenever there are semi-violent marches involving native
    activists, there are always representatives present from the “Palestinians,” some flying the Hamas
    flag, as well as leftist unions and the United Church. Native leaders have damned Israel. Bernie Farber seems to be
    in charge of the politics of this new found interest in the native community; he even wrote a letter to the National Post (see: http://fullcomment.nationalpost.com/2014/03/06/todays-letters-old-macdonald-was-a-racist/)
    where he condemns past Canadian leaders. Is this a concerted effort on the part
    of leftists to make our Canadian government look bad in
    order to ingratiate some business people with the native community and help to
    undermine the Conservatives for the sake of easier-to-get Liberal or NDP
    contracts and funding for native projects (with companies like Gemini)? It does
    smell bad, very bad!