• Mladen_Andrijasevic

    The situation is just beyond
    belief. How could we have reached such a point? That an American Secretary of
    Defense can come up with such nonsense is scary.  It shows that Panetta
    understands nothing.  The very fact that for the last few weeks proponents
    of the Arab Spring have been talking of “moderate Islamists” demonstrates total
    ignorance of the subject.  Moderate Nazi may seem an inappropriate
    comparison but it is not.  And who is to blame?  Our media which for
    decades has been reluctant to discuss the nature of Islam also refused to
    discuss the ineffectiveness of MAD vis-à-vis Iran.  As a consequence of
    this global ignorance Americans elected a president whose incompetence and
    appeasement of Iran
    may cost the lives of millions. We are in deep, deep trouble. To see why
    Panetta is saying nonsense read  MAD is
    Dead  http://www.madisdead.blogspot.com/

    Honestly, I am embarrassed for Leon Panetta.
    Either he really believes what he said in which case he is just incompetent, or
    he just said that in order to help Obama stay in power in which case he has no
    honor. But it is sad to discover that American politicians do not understand
    that there are times in history when these petty power plays should be
    discarded for a greater goal of defending our entire civilization, the role
    Churchill so brilliantly fulfilled 70 years ago.