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Director of UN Watch rebukes Arab states


The executive director of the Geneva-based non-governmental organization UN Watch harshly rebuked a number of Arab states at a UN Human Rights Council meeting in Switzerland this week.

After representatives from the Palestinian leadership, Qatar, Sudan, Syria, Bahrain and Saudi Arabia made remarks criticizing Israel for actions such as “ethnic cleansing,” “imposing a regime of apartheid,” “apartheid policy” and practices of discrimination and extremism,” UN Watch’s Hillel Neuer countered, “Everything we just heard — from the world’s worst abusers of human rights, of women’s rights, of freedom of religion, of the press, of assembly, of speech — is absolutely false and, indeed, Orwellian.”

He continued: “Israel’s 1.5 million Arabs, whatever challenges they face, enjoy full rights to vote and to be elected in the Knesset, they work as doctors and lawyers, they serve on the Supreme Court.”

Neuer went on to pose to the Arab states that had spoken out against Israel, as well as to others like Algeria, Egypt and Iraq “where [their] Jews” had gone.

Watch the video above for the full speech.