• Thank you
    very much for your article. The dealings with the survivors in general and the resititution in particular ashame me – especially as a non-Jewish German. Silencing and defamation are eventually being followed by big words and no actions. The result is merely better – until it’s too late.

    am working on a film project about the Holocaust, Jewish Resistance and
    commemoration politics in Lithuania. It is a portrait of the Litvak, Vilna
    Ghetto survivor and former partisan Fania Joheles-Brancovskaya – one of the
    last witnesses to the Holocaust in the
    Baltics. After her husband’s death –
    whom she had fallen in love with in the partisan struggle – and the end of the
    Cold War she dedicated herself to the commemoration of the Holocaust and of
    Jewish resistance. While this work brought her recognition abroad, she became
    the target of revisionists and anti-Semites at home. Although 91 years old she is continuing her
    struggle for keeping memory alive and finding justice. She still guides groups to
    the historic sites, looks after the Yiddish Institute and organizes help for
    the elderly in need. When I asked her
    once for the source of her vigor she replied, she would do it on behalf of the
    people whose fate was being murdered by the Germans and their helpers and who
    can’t tell their story.