• Let’s get it right

     1. In 1961, communist Poland took care of the restitution issues with several countries. USA received 20, $2 million payments over 20 years in total of $40 million (worth $303 million now).  Agreement stated that USA will take upon itself to satisfy any property claims of any American citizen.  That would include Jewish Americans as well.
    2. Since the fall of the communism in 1989, Polish courts were required to hear and process any restitution claim – Jewish, German, Polish.  Even though it takes time and money, valid claims have been satisfied.  
    3.  From personal experience, it took my neighbors Polish family 7 years to receive monetary compensation for property left in today’s Belarus, then Poland.  So why any other nationality should be treated differently?  Besides Jews, 3 million Poles died in the concentration camps as well.  

    I think courts deciding about the claims is the only fair and democratic way to deal with restitution.  Remember, Poland is a free and lawful country and as such, it will handle this issue to the best outcome and benefit for all involved.

  • Let’s get it right

     Correction: the agreement was signed on July 16, 1960
    Copy of the agreement between Poland and US can be downloaded from the Polish Foreign Ministry site: http://www.traktaty.msz.gov.pl/SearchTreaties.aspx?t=DW

  • Feliks Lukasiewicz

    In 1996, the Reuters news agency reported that at a meeting of the WJC congress in Buenos Aires, Singer said “[m]ore than three million Jews died in Poland and the Polish people are not going to be the heirs of the Polish Jews. We are never going to allow this…. They’re gonna hear from us until Poland freezes over again. If Poland does not satisfy Jewish claims it will be publicly attacked and humiliated.”[2] This was perceived as another threat, but this time against Poland.Wikipedia

    Please explain. Also, claims concerning individual restitution are well on their way.BUT THIS IS SOMETHING COMPLETELY DIFFERENT! THIS IS ABOUT POLAND BEING FORCED TO PAY MONEY TO JEWISH PEOPLE IN NO WAY CONNECTED TO THE HOLOCAUST-the World Jewish Congress..Look,if a citizen of a country dies without progeny his country takes over his possesion.Apparently,with Jews,according to this guy,its different.Publicly attacked and humiliated? Check papers like the Times of Israel,the Jewish Post http://www.jewishpost.com/viewpoints/My-Trip-to-Poland-The-Reality-of-Being-Jewish.html
    quote: It was like a big (and pardon my language) FxxK YOU NAZIS AND FxxK YOU POLAND!  We’re still here!  Seeing that, I felt such pride.  But,the kid writing that is Jewish and Polish people are,apparently,less worth,and so is their human dignity.go figure.