• asherpat

    May god help you Philippe. You are a hero and pray that you prevail for the Al-dura case is the crux of propaganda battle between the good and the evil.
    The sheep in French Jewish community (and phony Jewish “warriors” such as the ADL) may try to harm you though – they, like so many Jewish institutions have fallen in clutches of self hating liberalism. Be careful with them, they may not be on the side of the good anymore.

  • Nick

    In October 2001 (ie after the death of Muhammed al-Durrah) 30 Palestinian children were killed by Israeli gunfire, according to Israeli source B’tselem.

    Two of those children may have been throwing stones, one was participating in “clashes” (whatever that means) some were demonstrating and many others appear not to have been involved in “hostilities” in any way. One was harvesting olives, one was on the way to school.

    In November 2001, 40 named Palestinian children are known to have been killed by Israeli gunfire. Most of these may have been demonstrating and one was involved in “clashes”.

    In December 2001, 12 named Palestinian children are known to have been killed by Israeli forces. 4 are alleged to have been throwing stones, 1 may have been involved in “clashes” at a checkpoint far outside of Israel and the others were presumably going about their normal lives.

    In January 2001, only 2 named Palestinian children are known to have been killed by Israeli forces. (Important to note that, while the number of Israelis dead can be confidently stated, the number of Palestinians killed is likely to be an underestimate, perhaps a very severe underestimate. A year later, B’tselem only manages to record the names of 7 of the 52 killed in Jenin, less than 1/7th even of the admitted number, itself questionable).

    But in January 2001, for the first time, an Israeli 16 year old died after being tricked into entering the West Bank for sex.

    In other words, at least 70 (and perhaps 490) Palestinian children were killed by Israelis before a single Israeli child died. 3 Palestinian criminals were severely punished for that first death, while no Israelis have ever been punished for the slaughter that preceded it.

    Further note that Palestinians have never even been accused of killing each other for “political effect” – whereas the Haganah has been caught killing over 200 Jews on board the Patria in 1940 and Menachem Begin is credibly accused of perpetrating a reign of terror against the Jews in Palestine. Accusing Palestinians of this kind of thing is staggeringly perverse.

    So, at the end of the day, even if Karentsy was making some kind of point (and its difficult to understand what it is) it would be something utterly trivial and time-wasting. He is not acting to defend justice and truth and history, he’s acting to defeat it.

    • sailor27

      How do lying, slanderous propagandist cockroaches like you sleep at night?
      Be careful you don’t poison your children with your toxic Jew hating venom.

      • Nick

        The figures come from Israeli sources.

        Sources that have sometimes massively undercounted the number of Palestinians murdered.

        At Jenin, where the Israelis told us they’d killed 100s of Palestinians (and there are 6 trenches full of bodies) but later insisted it was only 52 – only 7 of them were ever identified and named!

  • Jack

    Hi Nick … if that is your real name ?

    Finally whatever, are you not a little out of the story? do you smoked carpet or what?

    Firstly when you quote figures at least give your sources … don’t do like Talal Abdu Rahma who said in an interview that his information is secret !

    I will not mention the number of victims of the Israeli side you. But do you know how many thousands of people died after the publication of this false story?

    Here is a link that gives you a table of countries in conflict , the number of victims is listed since 1950. As you can see, over 67 countries Israel is class 49 position with 51,000 deaths from all sides. The city is the first country in Communist China with 40 million deaths. So let me hear your voice about all these countries, in major part , it is either ethnic cleaning is due to dictatorships !


    I do not have enough room on this site to give you more details in response to your posting and to give you all links with Palestinian Pallywood which are the masters of the art in this domaine.

    In your statements you mentioned :

    ” In other words , at least 70 ( and Perhaps 490) Palestinian children killed by Israelis Were before a single Israeli child died .”…So is that it is 70 or 490 dead ? or perhaps 70 or 200,000 ? ?

    Tell me Palestinian “children” that parents send with their body full of explosives to go blow themselves up in the middle of an Israeli crowd:



    without forgetting that Hamas hides in schools and hospitals to shoot shells at Israel , knowing that the army IDF will do everything to avoid firing on civilians :


    Tell me also that in the aftermath of Israel’s access to independence was attacked by all Arab countries that surround it. Israel had no army at that time , but emerged victorious ….. with 6000 dead! !

    Soon there was an event in relation to Israel all journalists rush to write articles . Normal is more profitable ! !

    40,000,000 victims into China since 1950 ! Sincerely tell me how many article did you read about it . ONE ? ZERO ?

    Finally, for what you are talking of the Haganah and Patria, I invite you to read what happened in the wikipedia site:


    Haganah actually wanted to plant bombs on the ship’s engines to stop, carrying about 1,800 Jewish refugees from Nazi-occupied Europe that the British authorities wanted to expel the Palestine Mandate in Mauritius because they were not allowed entry. Unfortunately, the Haganah miscalculated the effects of the bomb explosion and sank the ship within 16 minutes.

    I’ll stop here. I just hope you have convinced you own bad information … or that you did not sufficiently informed prior to your comment.

    Finally regrading Karsenty he is a real hero !!!!

    Shalom – Salam.