• Pearl

    How can I get in touch with  Meylakh ?…my husband and I were in Rozyszcze, Ukraine last fall ( my families shtetel.) We would like more info on how the desecrated cemetery there can be somewhat  retsored and gated..

  • Dr L Y Luciuk

    The western Ukrainian cemetery where my grandparents (and ancestors) were buried is in a state of serious disrepair, barely accessible – but that does not mean that it was “desecrated” – it means that it was neglected. And I am of Ukrainian heritage. The sad truth is that in Soviet times and even post-1991 the residents of Ukraine have not often been in a position to restore what once was. Those who want to remember the past will just have to invest their own resources in doing so. I am not aware of any Ukrainian law or convention that prohibits Jews or anyone else from returning to Ukraine to there restore a cemetery, a headstone or otherwise commemorate their family/ancestors/community. Our family has done just that, on two separate occasions, in two different locales. Just don’t expect today’s Ukrainians to pay for it. They have other priorities (as do most people living today, as even a cursory walk through any Canadian cemetery will reveal – once a family line dies out, with the passage of time, monuments tumble, care becomes perfunctory and irregular, and the past, alas, fades). This is regrettable but not evidence of malice or any other kind of ill will.