• This article is a pile of crap. “Holocaust historians say the record of Polish behavior during the Holocaust is vexed and contradictory”. What historians say that?
    “There was much collaboration with the Nazis, and the resistance did little to protect Jews until 1942, reflecting the pervasive antisemitism that infected the country before the German invasion in 1939”. There was actually NO collaboration in Poland. No collaborationist puppet government, no Polish SS, no Polish guards at concentration camps. Resistance did little to protect Jews until 1942? Well, the Holocaust started in 1942, after the Wannsee Conferention. Resistance was in no position to save millions of Polish Jews just like it was in no position to save millions of Poles. This have nothing to do with alleged “pervasive antisemitism”. What a ridiculous thing to write. Polish army was defeated and Poland was occupied. Resistance was persecuted mercilessly and it’s not like they could save millions of people.
    “…efforts by Jews to return to their homes after the war were in some cases met by pogroms instigated by neighbors who had taken over their properties”. After the war there was a civil war going on, there was no official government, no law, only chaos. Millions of sick, crippled, homeless people were travelling from place to place and searching for food, medicines and some roof over their heads. There was a lot of violence, fighting, robbery, killings. Poland was in a horrible shape after the war. People were killing people. After the communists took over all private property was confiscated.
    “Poles insist on the term “Nazi death camps” to describe facilities such as Auschwitz and Sobibor”. I insist on the term German death camps build by the German government on German controlled land. First transport to Auschwitz in 1940 was made up of Polish civilians, NOT Jews.