• This is a great news, I am telling you Turks are not an Anti Semitic people, but this curent Israel leaders are trying to do so with their ignorant attitude towards Turks,Turks always welcomed the Jews and protected them before Israel was there, 1492 to Nazi Germany or Greek massacre of the Jews in Selonika Turks were there for the Jews, I know bz My mothers family was saved by Turks from Greece,this barman bouncer Lieberman moldovan bar bouncer was the biggist biggot and ignorant leader Israel ever had

    • Alan

      If I might add, Turkish individuals, especially Turkish diplomats, did play an important role in saving many Turks of Jewish origin. However, history shows that those diplomats who did act, did so against the wishes of the Turkish government of the time. In doing so, many of them were recalled to Turkey and were either demoted or dismissed from the diplomatic service to live in poverty. If you haven’t read Dr. Arnold Reisman’s book, “An Ambassador and a Mensch,” it’s worth doing so!