• Serene Johnson

    Of course they do. The only (non-islamic, non-Jewish) nation that routinely circumcises little boys NEEDS to defend their barbarism, otherwise they are no different to tribal Africa that practices dirt-bed genital cutting on both boys AND girls.

    • NorthernEagle

      I hope you feel good about how nice you are to your dogs as you set the stage for sending Jews back into the ovens.

      • Serene Johnson

        Where the hell did you get that idea?!

        But if you really want to get into it, the actions of the State of Israel against the people of Gaza, not exactly a nice bunch of people… bet you’ll defend the Israeli attacks on Palestine too, eh?

        A people that displays no compassion to children is not worthy of continuing to be a people.

        Israel needs to shape up. Their actions are in no way endearing to the rest of the world, Either in Gaza, or in the temple.

        • BallsOnFire

          “not worthy of continuing to be a people.”

          You’re a disgusting hateful anti-Semite

          • Serene Johnson

            Its not about being an anti-semite, its about recognising that any group that survives by obliterating another, is not worthy of survival. The Nazis were the same – their survival (in power) hinged on their acts against the Jewish populous. They were not worthy of survival.

            At the moment, Israel seeks to obliterate Gaza. They have no right to do that. The UN says they have no right, the entire WORLD says they have no right. Not because they are antisemitic, but because Israel has no right to inflict acts of genocide on another country just because they want their land – land which was never agreed as theirs in the first place.

            With what the Jewish people went through in WWII, they of all people should know better.

            Reverse the nationalities – more fun, lets say Canada bobs Alaska because they want the coastline between BC and Inuvik, which is currently occupied/by US citizens – and see if its still OK for one nation to bombard another for land they covet.

          • NorthernEagle

            You are a babbling, Jew-hating (or self-hating, I can’t tell) idiot and by spewing moral equivalency between Jews and Nazis you reveal yourself as a complete sub-moron.

            The Arabs are the ones with the Nazi past, not the Jews. If you can read, you need to read up on the Grand Mufti of Jerusalem, the Muslim Brotherhood, and the total fusion of Nazism and Islam in the early 20th century.

            I could completely dismantle all your psychotic ‘arguments’ but I have a life to live.

          • Serene Johnson

            So the Nazi party never put Jewish people in a concentration camp? Never tried to exterminate them? Funny but that seems to be a Nazi-Jewish history to me.

          • Serene Johnson

            Doesnt seem like you could, since you fail to realise that the Nazi persecution of the Jewish people is in fact a Nazi-Jewish history.

  • EuropeanMan

    Once again, the US government is making a fool out of itself. It’s such a hypocrisy thinking that defending religious circumcision in Europe is equaled to combating anti-semitism.