• MapleSugar1

    Nobody wants war: unknown amount of deaths, unknown knowledge of successful hits at the underground unranium enrichment facilities, straight of Hormuz in chaos, price of oil going up and economic crash. Yet, the choice of allowing Iran to have nuclear weapons should give insomnia to most around the world. In the ME, Iran is one of the worst country for terrorism: since the beginning of Syria’s civil war, Iran has been sending its Islamic Revolutionary Guards and supplies to Syria. Iran has helped Hezbollah take over Lebanon with men and arms and has done the same in Gaza with Hamas.
    Abroad, Iran has been behind several terrorist attacks in different countries. Most important, Iran has never stopped proclaiming with fervour, the destruction of Israel and its citizens ( the Zionist entity, as they say). Further, The National Post on June 26, 2012 under the title “Egypt’s new Islamist leader Mohammed Morsi to “reconsider” Israel peace deal, strengthen Iran ties” wrote that Morsi wants to build ties with Iran to create a “strategic balance” in the ME. The Nat. Post also writes that it will also boost Iran’s influence in the ME at a time of heightened tensions between Tehran and the West. Morsi wants to reconsider the peace treaty between Israel and Egypt because of the “Palestinian”. We haven’t seen anything yet.
    Escalating sanctions will probably not work since they haven’t worked for years; especially, when Iran still does business with several countries. What I find most unpleasant is the public “discussion” the U.S. is having at the expense of Israel as to “when” they should attack the nuclear facilities and also the several interviews given by ex-security heads of Israel stating that Israel should not attack Iran.
    It seems to me that silence would work much more in regards to Iran. Usually, when we don’t know what is happening about something or we don’t know if something will happen, we tend to be nervous. I believe that these two factors, along with the deafening silence of the EU are the reasons why Iran is so confident that nothing will happen. Every country should be seriously thinking about the consequences of Iran having nuclear weapons.