• StanG

    Rabbi Robin Fryer Bodzin of the Israel Center of Conservative Judaism in Queens, N.Y. is a Canadian from Toronto who attended York University.

  • TerrorIsEvil

    Protesting in Israel is easy – try the same protest in Islamic countries
    – that would land these publicity seekers a few lashes and perhaps some
    unspeakable torture/rape in Islamic prisons. My point is that everyone in
    Israel has the opportunity to pray however they so choose – Jews,
    Christians, Jews, etc, even at the wall. Granted, there are separations
    based on sex but that is Judaism. These minor celebrities protesting a
    minor point want to impose their views and leftism on others and to
    smear Israel in the eyes of the international community as if Israel
    does not receive enough vilification and demonization by leftists and
    Islamists. Leftists tend to ignore human rights abuses in Islamic lands
    and other places and concentrate their efforts on east targets – anyone and any
    government a bit to the right of these rigidly leftist thinkers.

    • Abodz2000

      These women weren’t there to protest; they were there to pray. As Rabbis, some of them were a tallit daily at shacharit; they were doing nothing different here. And why you assume that these Rabbis ignore other human rights abuses is beyond me…