• Rmallin

    we need more people like this

  • Finally, a little bit of sanity.

  • Leslie Green

     The JMA (Jewish Motorcycle Alliance) Ride 2 Remember, in Toronto, Maybe he will visit us there.  We are meeting many motorcycle clubs in Ottawa for a “Never Again” pledge including representatives of the Canadian Government on May 31st!

  • Ling

    simply amazing! Well done Kasim Hafeez for living an honest life

  • kaz

    i hope that is a pseudonym and pseudophoto, otherwise you are just another dead apostate.  the religion of peace does not coddle those who disagree with their dogma.

  • Dixie_m_hernandez

    Kasim Hafeez’s reflection on Israel,from a Muslim view-was excellent. I am a Middle Eastern Jew,my Mother and her family were originally from Iraq. Our culture is very interwoven, with the Arab culture. We eat the same foods,love the same music,share many of the same traditions for family and friends and yet-there is a division,which none of us can deny or easily solve. But,it was wonderful, to read an open view,from a true Muslim experience and get kasim’s real perspective and experience.

    Thanks Kasim for going beyond your comfort and cultural comfort zones to bring all of the readers your perspective. I enjoyed reading this article very much. Good luck and may your family be proud of you~!~!

  • Johnny

    What a wonderful article. In a world turning into shit, it’s a joy to read such a heart-warming tale.

  • lol. clearly an individual in search of a new identity. moving from one extreme to the next. sad.