• steve button

    Why does Israel think crying bias against people investigating Israel’s ongoing crimes against humanity and crimes against international law has any credibility at all? They’re about to wish they hadn’t stolen the land intended for a Palestinian state…thats why, BTW and obvious to any non-zealot, Palestine didn’t form a state in ’48. That and Israel massacred thousands of innocent Arabs so they fled. THE UN ordered their return and Israel stopped that. So remember….65 years of stupid lies and look where you are now…finished for all intents and purpose. The world hates Israel..

    • Mike

      You are a liar. Admit your hatred is based upon your own failings as a human. Liars like you ignore the many more Jews that were evicted from their homes an forever denied any hope of justice. You ignore the children whose throats were slit by PLO scum, simply for being Jewish babies. You need to read the actual words of Hamas and the PLO to truly understand how perverted you are, in your support of these monsters. Fortunately, not all of us are as deranged as you Jew haters.

  • TerrorIsEvil

    Another anti-Israel academic goon looking to lynch Israel…when will they ever learn to first look at themselves and then uphold the Judeo-Christian values that they take for granted and then impugn for the sake of totalitarianism and Islamism (the love affair between leftists and anarchists/Islamists continues to grow and strengthen).