• IP

    What % of wines @ the show where Not Kosher? Israel export to the US represent 0.3% from the the total of 4.7 billions dollars US wine import. Israel wine industry will need to showcase more high quality (90 +) wines, retail price below $19.99 in order for the Israel wine industry to continue its growth and become a player in the world market. The Kosher importers in one hand are helping the industry at its current size ripping the benefits of a captive market that will pay higher prices for it however I can’t see how a well educated wine consumer/collector that is just looking for pure quality and no emotional ties to Israel will be willing to pay $30 -$50 dollars for 88-91 rating of RP, WS, or Hugh Johnson and $65-$85 for 92/93.

  • ZP

    The quality of Israeli wines is constantly on the rise and more and more wines are receiving recognition at serious wine competitions as well as wine crtitics like Hugh Johnson, Mark Squires etc. Not sure if Israeli wines can compete with mass market wines from Argentina and Chile selling for $15 but in the $40-$60 range, there are some interesting buys – both kosher (new Flam wines, Golan Heights Yarden and up, Carmel SV and up, Yatir, Castel etc.) and non kosher (Clos De Gat, Margalit, Chateau Golan and others)