• TerrorIsEvil

    Yes, he is a bigot and a disgustingly arrogant fool of a man. He got his punishment – banishment from the NBA and a large fine. However, where is the same level of indignation for antisemite Al Sharpton and all the Islamists who preach the antisemitism and anti-infidel garbage each and every day from their pulpits in America? Where is the concern over real violence in the form of Hamas, Hezbollah, Iran, Abbas (who uses, supports and venerates terrorism)? We tend to “dialogue” and suck up to those monsters out of cowardice. The mainstream media are hypocrites, reporting (endlessly) only on that which impacts their favorite groups and ignoring real terror and violence that comes from those whom they wish to coddle and protect under their “big tent” shield.

    • Kavod And Kaved

      And in other breaking news, a leading on-line terror experts says that Jews should avoid mainstream media as “too partisan” and can depend only on that stalwart tower of impartiality, The Canadian Jewish News, whose reports would never only centre on what impacts one group in society.
      Even so, the public is urged to put pressure on the CJN to only print “important” stories about international Islamism and it’s inflitration of America, where, interestingly enough, almost no Canadian Jews actually live.
      “These kinds of stories seem harmless enough” said our expert, “But they distract people with humanistic notions about the fallibility of all human beings at a time when the Jewish community should be circling its wagons and returning to a simpler, more tribal, time when it was clear that Jews marched at Selma and could generally do no wrong. Thinking that Jews could be ever in the wrong might lead to asking questions about all sorts of Jewish endeavours, and call into question Zionism itself!”
      The expert we spoke to also said that the evil was so…just everywhere, creeping about like Sharia, that even the Israeli government needed to be overthrown due to its cowardly sucking up dialoguingness (which is sometimes called by the less common name: Diplomacy).
      When asked about whether this leaner, meaner CJN would be able to report on any general events happening to Jews in Canada, or that might interest any Jews in Canada not working for CSIS or currently being treated for Paranoia, Not Otherwise Specified, our expert was adamant.
      “Absolutely not. What do people think this is…some sort of ethnic community newspaper?”