• TerrorIsEvil

    Initiatives that are truthful and courageous always “draw fire.” It is only the Milquetoast, weak and ineffective that are acceptable to those who fear strength and determination to survive. We see many very well financed Jewish organizations that fear ruffling the feathers of their political controllers (like the Liberal Party which has CIJA as its Jewish subsidiary). So they do nothing and individuals in the community are left alone to deal with threats without any support and sometimes they get criticism and blame. BB did the right thing and we need more of this kind of activism, not less. The goal is not to impress haters of Israel with their silence (and tolerance of the intolerable) but to impress upon our enemies that we will no longer brook silence.

  • stephen

    As a Christian who has worked with B’nai Brith and other
    Jewish organizations, as well as the Int’l Christian Embassy in Jerusalem and Christians
    for Israel in a limited capacity, it is disheartening to hear that an ad
    promoting a common interest, namely access to the so-called Muslim holy places
    such as Mount Moriah, has been interpreted as a type of Trojan Horse to
    infiltrate the Jewish community. In the Concordia theology department, as well
    as in Israel, Christian scholars work side by side with Jewish rabbis to arrive
    at their own unique and/or common understandings of the Bible and G-d. Our
    identities are not conflicted. To make it seem that there are ulterior motives
    to these cooperative ventures does a disservice to the decades of hard work and
    ideals which both parties have struggled and yearned for.