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Monday, October 5, 2015

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Songwriter finally meets singer Rod Stewart

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Rod Stewart with Marc Jordan, right

TORONTO — Rod Stewart’s hit song Rhythm of My Heart was written by Canadian songwriter Marc Jordan.

The song, from Stewart’s album Vagabond Heart, was recorded in 1991, but the two singers didn’t meet face-to-face for 22 years. On Dec.15, they finally met at Toronto’s Air Canada Centre, where Stewart was performing.

“Rod Stewart changed my life. Meeting Rod was a wonderful closing of a circle for me,” Jordan said.

Jordan has penned songs for some of music’s biggest stars, including, besides Stewart, Diana Ross, Cher, Joe Cocker, Chicago, Bonnie Raitt, Bette Midler, Olivia Newton-John, Natalie Cole, The Manhattan Transfer and several more.

But it was the success of Rhythm of my Heart that really set the stage for Jordan to be able to continue with his love of songwriting.  “Everybody has to have the big hit to stay in the game. He gave me that big hit, so I could be who I wanted to be,” Jordan said.

“I got a call from [the president of [Stewart’s label], and he told me in his British accent, ‘Rod loves your tune,’ and that Rod had said, ‘I’ll sing the song – I will do a great job. I love the song!’”

Jordan spoke on the phone with Stewart over the years but never actually met him in person.

“He was lovely, warm and inclusive. He had his whole band with him backstage and he introduced me. He was very funny – just lovely. When musicians get together we have our own language. We joked around – all sorts of inside stuff,” Jordan said.

They also wanted to talk about Rhythm of my Heart. “I wanted to say thank you to Rod, and… he wanted to know what my inspiration was behind the song… and I told him.

“I wrote the song as a sort of folk song. It was an anti-war song about a soldier who goes to war and wonders. He is wondering whether all humanity is gone from the world. He wonders back home if people still fall in love and if love is alive somewhere back where he no longer is. He longs to be home to find some love again because, while he remembers love, where he is there is just carnage.”

Jordan’s songs have appeared on some 35 million records. His songs include Marina del Rey, Survival and Waiting for a Miracle. He has recorded 14 cds of his own songs and has won ASCAP, Juno, SOCAN and jazz and pop awards. He spends his time touring solo and as a member of Lunch At Allen’s (with band members Murray McLauchlan, Ian Thomas and Cindy Church), and is working on a musical with his wife, singer-songwriter Amy Sky.

Earlier this fall, Jordan released his newest album, On a Perfect Day, co-written with producer Chris Bilton and recorded in both Nashville and Toronto.

The album’s cover art is an original painting by Jordan, another of his many passions.



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