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    Holocaust education award what the hell so there should be a award to for the edcuation for the 27 million who were killed by a mad man as well why is it that we are to understand that only the jews had a bad time in the passed war and for get the meny meny more that have been killed as well why is it the jews have to make everyone remember them for they are not the only ones who lost life i this war there should be award for each person who died then not just the jews how about the 6 million germens as well or like i said the 27 million that a drung madmen killed shame on you all tell the truth about the death tolls in the war and stop crying over this every time its over get over it sick of cry babys who think they are the only oones who have died. o and by the way it was a jew who put the other jews into the ovens why dont you jews do anything for that that your own kind liked and or help killed the 6 million and his name was dario gabbai (sonderkommando) so you jews should be in shame that your own kind another jew killed other jews stop making the rest of the world to think you jew are the only 1s. who died we the people are sick of it the lies of the war and cover ups and why i am on the subject why is there no reword the the meny and almost all of the indians who were killed in the same way as the jews and dont tell me they did not hahaha if that was true we would be seeing alot more indian familys do we no thanks from the govement who killed all most all of the indians off the face of the earth and today they are getn smaller and smaller the media makes them look like drungs,drugies,and poor i wounder why after being ripped off just like the land of the jews that was stollin. so if you want to make ppl. remember the war should tell the truth and tell just how meny did die you will see that piff 6 million was nothing