• Gideon

    Again I don’t understand the claim that COR charges so much when the video on the COR website has all of their proprietors saying their fees are reasonable. Here’s the video: http://cor.ca/view/524/cor_proprietors_speak_out_video.html
    Why hasn’t the CJN addressed that? Where’s the other side of the story?

    • COR-rupt

      Gideon pops up when ever an article deservedly bashes this COR -rupt system.
      Get out of here, sock puppet!

  • Moshe

    Cor doesn’t set prices – manufacturers and retailers do. To blame cor for the unjustifiably high prices is missing the point. Cor is just another supplier in the chain, one of many utilized by food manufacturers. If there were other competitors producing the same product, prices would certainly drop – Marvid has no competition from another chicken producer. Until very recently, Mehadrin milk had no competition from another dairy producer. Basic economic theory says that competition lowers prices, and that competition has to take place on the supermarket shelf to truly work.

    • COR-rupt

      Talking about Mehadrin.
      Do you know why the new Toronto Dairy Plant (“Nature’s Best”) chose MK rather then COR to certify their Kashrut?
      Call them up to find out.
      Hint: $$$

  • jonathan cohen

    Having competitive Kashrut organisations also reduces prices for consumers, but as you see COR are paranoid for anyone else to open, and respect no one but themselves .Competition is always healthy

  • TK

    Its funny to start by comparing the cost of chicken in Florida because you can’t even compare the prices of the same goods between a Target store in Toronto and one in Buffalo.

    After eight months of ‘investigation’, _the least_ someone writing an article like this should do is compare the relative costs of producing the same product in Montreal, under MK supervision.

  • Richard

    The COR has netted about 120 new clients over the last seven years. The fact is that 7 years ago they had 3 million in revenue. Now they are at 5.4 million. They would have had to double their client base to achieve that type of revenue. The only explanation in the rise in revenue is the fact that they have raised their fees. I have gone and asked establishments on bathurst what they pay. One told me he pays close to $1300 per month. Another pizza shop told me they used to pay $300 a month and now they pay $700.00 per month. The food didn’t become more kosher so why the extra costs.

    • COR-rupt

      There are 3 COR head honchos who pay themselves 6 figure salaries, make $1M. disappear & call themselves kosher advocates & community activists.
      Crazy world!

  • allan

    this is just poor journalism

  • Ben Ebek

    I’m no fan of the COR, but this is a pretty awful article. While I feel for Ms. Finkelstein and Mr. Lax, their subjective anecdotal “evidence” is totally irrelevant. Quoting their only competitor’s spokesperson, without backing up his assertions with data, is also embarrassing.

    • alex

      You hit the nail on the head Ben. This is an important subject, but I feel like the CJN has been hijacked by a college newpapers editorial board.

      • Emma C

        Sounds like CJN has some pretty concrete evidence. It’s sad that it had to come out this way, but thank goodness that CJN had the guts to do some real investigative reporting. At least now we know. What each individual does with that information is up to them, but to hide your head in the sand and pretend this isn’t a moral crime and a deliberate manipulation of Halacha for personal profit will not help to solve the problem.

  • truthdareisay

    I have been on the radio when the respected Rabbi Mendel Kaplan was a guest and I had raised the question of very expensive kosher food that many cannot afford in Toronto!

  • Steve

    Apparently the Canadian Jewish community has a new newspaper: It’s the National Enquirer! This “journalism” is embarrassing…