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Wednesday, June 3, 2015

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Marky’s Deli closes after 43 years

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The Toronto landmark shut down for good on July 18.

UPDATED: TORONTO Marky’s Deli & Restaurant, a glatt kosher restaurant located at Bathurst Street and Wilson Avenue in the heart of Toronto’s Jewish community, closed July 18 after 43 years in business.

Erez Karp, 54, son of Marky’s founders Rivka and the late Azriel Karp, cited the economy for his “quick decision” to shut the landmark eatery’s doors, which leaves Toronto without a kosher sit-down delicatessen.

“I believe there is an economic crisis in the Orthodox world. People are focusing on their priorities, such as school and synagogue, and there is less and less money left for restaurant meals.”

As well, according to Karp, many Con-servative Jews are not strict about eating in kosher establishments. “Part of the [kosher] market has disappeared.”

He said that four other local kosher meat restaurants – King Solomon’s Table, Miami Grill, 398 West, and Delicacies Bar and Grill – have closed recently, and “the fact that my business did not increase at all tells me something. It is clear what is happening.”

Karp said that his parents, who met in Israel, and moved to Toronto in 1968 via Montreal, bought a non-kosher restaurant with the idea of making it kosher.