• Eschild

    As a supporter of Rabbi Bitterman and a frequent user of his Bais Medresh, I would like to make several comments.  First, it’s unfortunate that the reporter did not speak to the direct neighbour on the other side of the home.  For all of Ms. Wolfson’s negative comments, she would have likely heard equal, or more positive comments regarding the same home and same Rabbi. 
    In fact, I know for a fact that since all of Ms. Wolfson’s objections and media spouting over the past few weeks, Ateres Mordechai has had numerous support from neighbours and non-neighbours, Jews and non-Jews.  This support has been in all forms.  In fact, I suspect the we should thank hear for bringing this to the public.
    Mr. Shefman has certainly been put in a difficult situation.  We certainly appreciate his fairness and understanding.
    Finally, much of what Ms. Wolfson is saying is confusing and questionable.  Why does she have difficult backing out of her circular driveway?  Also, if there is illegal parking, Rabbi Bitterman has said numerous times that they should be ticketed.
    It’s very sad that some Jews have nothing better in their lives than complaining about fellow Jews.

    • Thornhill613

      Rabbi Bitterman’s shul is on the corner of Arnold and Campbell so there is no “direct neighbour on the other side of the home”. No one wants to live next door to the largest home based shul in Thornhill especially a shul that was built after neighbours already were settled in their homes on a residential street for many years.  I find your comments to be without merit.

    • Robert Whyte

      Your full of balony ( kosher !).  I have been there during the commotion leading up to services and if I had to live near that non-sense I would be quite unhappy. 
      Everyone is different and a person who wants to live in their home without all the ado from the shul has that right.
      I say move on. 
      Is it ok if I complain about non-Jews?  What a line, sounds like your not learning too much in that shul of yours.