• TerrorIsEvil

    Regarding #2, “…working with Hillel and the Centre for
    Israel and Jewish Affairs (CIJA) to help ensure that students attending
    universities feel safe and comfortable in what has become a less than welcoming
    environment.” CIJA has no credibility on campuses. They often claim
    that they are working hard on the problems but I have yet to see any evidence
    to support their claims. CIJA is conflict avoidant (which is the easy way out
    but does not address the really serious issues and violent state of affairs on campuses these days) and they are forever politically focused in a tendentious Liberal direction. It is
    certainly a difficult problem (and no one has the key to a magic bullet) but
    their solutions so far do not have the teeth they need to stem anti-Semitism. The
    constant refrain of CIJA is to marginalize and speak out against the strong Jewish
    student leaders of the Hasbara variety and to insert those who are looking to
    dialogue and find non-existent commonalities between them and those who are out
    to get them and harm Israel, whatever it takes.