• Huh?!?

    The Left is prejudiced against Israel today. It’s en vogue to rag on them, whilst ignoring the many other far worse atrocities taking place all over the world.

    • charliehall

      The far left is out of their minds. But the mainstream left, as represented by the President of France, the Prime MInister of Israel, and almost every single Democrat in the United States Congress, is strongly pro-Israel.

      • Mitchell Leitman

        You had me there until you described Netanyahu as mainstream left.

      • Pulseguy

        The leadership of the Democrats is not pro Israel. Obama was not pro Israel, nor was he tolerant of Jewish people. They take money from the Jewish community and pay some lip service to it, but that is about it. It is clear they would turn on Israel in a heartbeat.

    • Savannah

      Complete and utter nonsense.

      • Juan Carlos Ruiz

        Where are the GPC condemnations on Syria and Iraq? The silence is deafening.

      • Mike

        He is so correct, Comrade. No one buys your Goebbels-shit anymore. Where are the feminists on islamic ‘honor killings’? How about modern slavery in the Gulf States? Child trafficking in the middle east? Execution of gays?

        • River_City

          These comments are reading as if the GPC has taken am anti-Israel stance, or pro-Hamas. But there are no condemnations of Israel in GPC policy. So why is everyone up & railing for GPC to adopt their favourite cause-of-the-moment?

          I’m disturbed by what happened with Paul – but equally disturbed by these intemperate comments.

          • Asher B. Garber

            One of the top 10 Green Party principles in America is to stop US aid to Israel. Every other top 10 party initiative is Environmentally based and US-centric…. except Israel, who, btw, is one of only 2 countries on Earth with more trees in 2000 than 1900.


  • Well said, Paul, and thank you for having the courage of your convictions. I hope that one day you will find a less juvenile and hypocritical – and better informed – political “home” for your skills, knowledge and enthusiasm.

    Whoever was responsible for “disappearing” your original blogpost should be utterly ashamed of him/her/self.

    I wonder if it has occurred to May and her cohorts that there’s probably a very good reason that the Green Party’s share of Canada’s national popular vote dropped from 6.78% (and no representative in the HoC) to 3.91% in the last (i.e. 2011) election.

  • feyenoord

    The left have joined hands with the most reactionary idealogues in the world, for one reason and one reason only. Hatred towards Jews.

    • Dan_Simon

      I disagree completely. Hatred of Jews is only one small, incidental component of the radical leftist agenda. Radical leftist movements support Hamas against Israel primarily because (1) they support all enemies of America against America and its allies, since American military power has long been the strongest obstacle to totalitarianism the world over; (2) they support domestic radicals of all sorts, as part of their strategy of fomenting domestic conflict to further their power, and Islamists are an important constituency among domestic radicals; and (3) they support any entity which subordinates economic and social success to raw political power, since their own priorities are similarly aligned. Note that radical rightists–neofascists and the like–have very similar goals and priorities, which lead them to take an essentially identical stance with respect to Israel and Hamas.

    • Dental_Damnation

      The “left” is a vary vague and ubiquitous term. Regardless of religious ideoligies, it’s never going to be ok seeing innocent children and families being killed, even if they are collateral damage because a terrorist cell is hiding behind them. We are all human beings and every single person deserves equal rights and opportunity. Both sides of this coin are in the wrong and the only way out is through education and open dialogue…..which is proving to be extremely challenging in the face of this “pick a side” mentality the majority seem to have. We’re all on one side called “humanity”.

    • Savannah

      Complete and utter nonsense. Why is it so hard for folks like you to grasp the fact that opposition to the Israeli government’s policies is neither implied support for Hamas, nor is it indicative of a hatred of Jews?

      • workingbrain

        Well Savannah, maybe it’s because there’s NO ROOM in your wonderful party’s platform for any defense of Israel????

        Maybe you’d care to voice a defense for Israelis who are targeted with thousands rockets, suicide-bombers, people who throw stones at cars with children in them? You may want to take baby steps and start with criticizing the Jew-hatred taught from birth? Good luck with that! All indications suggest you’d have to first tear-up your GPC membership for doing so.

      • DodoDude

        When you oppose Israel, you are opposing the Jewish state. When you oppose Israel, you are on the same side as those who oppose Israel, i.e. Hamas. When you are opposing the Jewish state, you are denying the rights of Jews for a homeland, especially after the horrors of the holocaust. Every pro-Palestine rally I have seen has ended with chants of destruction, terrorism, and anti-Semitism. Look at what’s happening in Europe. A modern kristelnacht in France, Jews being denied healthcare in Belgium, just all around anti-Semitism. In fact, right here where a live, there was a bus stop defaced with a swastika and “death to Jews, Hitler was right” painted. So when you oppose the Jewish state, and protest by attacking Jews all around the world, shouting hatred and espousing anti-Semitism, it is rather a strong indicative of hatred of Jews.
        On the other hand, when someone supports the state of Israel, they are suddenly “racist,” “fascists,” “child murderers,” “terrorists,” “evil Jews,” etc.

  • advocate

    Is the Green Party opposed to Israel’s right to exist or even the expression of such a view? The forced resignation of its Jewish president begs the question.

    • MorgenVictoria

      In the Green Party of the United States, the author of the
      Israel-Palestine platform plank that calls for a one-state solution told
      me that the premise of one-state is to dismantle Israel and Jewish
      privilege. This to me is an expression of *opposing Israel’s right to
      exist.* I have written a lot about how the world is mostly responding to
      this issue with the same discrimination with which Jews have been
      burdened with for millennia. Over the past ten years most Greens here
      supported the discrimination-of-Israel view. Greens who didn’t were
      bullied and began not speaking up.

      Fortunately, recently, the sentiment is turning. When we held a vote recently to pull the plank, there were so many votes supporting that. It gained a lot more votes when I began focusing on the dismantling intention and examining more closely what that means. It would lead to extreme violence. And that could only come about through extreme discrimination. Before this focus, most Greens did not even think about what one-state would mean. This must be a component to why Green Parties around the world are supporting a two-state solution instead. While I recognize that might be better, I don’t want to see any solution pushed on them by the world. There might be other solutions. Most U.S. Greens will not admit that they can’t
      grasp the complexity of the issue.

      It is sad what Paul has had to go through. Let’s form a world-wide alliance of Greens Supporting Israel’s Right to Exist. I’m suggesting it for the issue
      itself, but also that we might find out through it just how many Greens
      feel this way instead of the Green Party incessantly insisting that only
      Palestine is important. And so we can be recognized as a viable force
      for change.

      While I support Paul’s choice, I also wish he would stay, as we need his convictions also. The only thing that can save the Green Party is to have active checks and balances. I believe that could lead to a more sensible Green position.

      I am not Right. I am not Left. I am not Center. I am Forward with the Green
      Party. Let’s keep the Green Party Forward with all voices speaking up.
      Not speaking up is what can lead the Green Party to the type of behavior
      we got with the Israel-Palestine issue which can ultimately lead to the
      loss of what we’ve all been fighting for.

      • Savannah

        “In the Green Party of the United States”

        There is no such plank in the Green Party of Canada’s platform so why bring up something completely irrelevant?

      • Deadhead4ever

        If I was aware of the Majority Green Anti-Semitism that is prevalent in the party
        I would have chosen a dfferent color to vote for !!
        As you can bet I will do next time I have the Privilage to Vote .

    • Savannah

      No it does not, and to make such a leap of logic is absurd.

      The president of the party used his position of power to publicly espouse a personal viewpoint that is counter to the organization’s policies. Just as surely as if he’d uttered racist, sexist or homophobic remarks, it was absolutely reasonable to suggest he resign or be fired.

      • Juan Carlos Ruiz

        It’s not so absurd. By not condemning Hamas in absolute terms and by implying some sort of moral equivalency, it implies that the GPC sees some merit in Hamas. And since Hamas calls for the destruction of Israel in absolute terms, it kind of implies exactly what you’re denying… that the GPC doesn’t support Israel’s right to exist.

        • Savannah

          You’ll note that the Green Party of Canada makes no mention of Hamas because its focus is on the Palestinian people, and it in no way implies support of Hamas, except in your twisted mind. You seem unable to separate the two, which is a massive part of the problem.

          • DodoDude

            But savannah, the president of the GPC was writing a blog about Hamas. NOT the Palestinians. So, when the GPC “fired” him, it is in effect, condoning Hamas. Juan is being completely justified in his opinion. Your one sidedness and insulting replies is a huge problem, especially coupled with your apparent support for Hamas and the destruction of the state of Israel.

          • River_City

            Paul was not fired for supporting Israel or for condemning Hamas. He was fired for using his position to misrepresent GPC policy.

      • workingbrain

        Savannah, What’s abundantly clear from Paul Estrin’s article, is that a party that claims to be “open” for people to express their views to the point of not even having a party Whip, is in reality a party of hypocritical, intolerant, Jew-hating fascists.

        Sure, Jews are welcome in the party, just not ones that care about the annihilation of the 6 million Jews in Israel or Jews that dare point out that if Hamas et al, is fundamentally and absolutely committed to the total annihilation of Jews and use the Billions of dollars it’s received to hoard weapons, build tunnels to murder, maim & terrorize Jews, live large in luxury hotels and pilfer,

        Savannah, your defense of the GPC in this regard is nothing but a “leap from logic”. You could claim to be a good soldier for the party, but don’t delude yourself by thinking the party isn’t hostile to Jews, even worse than the Neturei Karta who are funded by Iran and take part in Holocaust denial forums there.

      • DodoDude

        Its really not the same. How is condemning Hamas considered racist? How is condemning a fascist organization that calls in its very charter for the destruction of the state of Israel and the Jews a bad thing? It was extremely unreasonable for him to be fired/resign. It means a lack of freedom of speech, as well as in a way condoning Hamas’ actions. Is the GPC policies one of terrorism?
        You are the one with the leap of logic, insinuating that you are a human rights activist while at the same time condoning Hamas, a human rights abuser, and general anti-Semitism. Are you proud?

  • Kacey

    “We must root and side with the underdog even if that underdog is cruel, illiberal, and violent. Furthermore while we must ostensibly be in favour of diversity, in reality we dictate a strict orthodoxy because we are too spineless and pathetic to confront challenges to our beliefs” -Contemporary Left Liberal Neuroticism

  • Jeff Wheeldon

    Paul, I’m very sorry for how so many people reacted. I’ve seen some pretty messed up stuff on the internet, but I’ve never seen someone ripped apart so quickly over comments so benign. Someone started posting petitions on our EDA facebook group calling for your resignation and saying you support genocide, which is clearly not what you were talking about in the slightest; since then I’ve been trying to do what I can to be a moderate influence, but it’s an uphill battle. I’m ashamed that so many Greens have responded this way, and surprised to hear that “those who control the party” did so as well. It strikes me as a complete lack of conviction about the things that, in my opinion, make our party great, and different from the rest: commitment to real democracy and diversity. I’m starting to wonder if those things are actually possible.

    Take solace in the fact that this isn’t personal: the internet is a rabid dog, and you stuck out your hand to offer an opinion. The internet spends most of its time frothing at the mouth, but sometimes it bites.

    And Huh?!?, I don’t think we can dismiss a conflict of this scale by comparing it to others. One of the downsides of all of the information we have is that we’ve learned to prioritize things such as atrocities, place them on a scale. I think that doing so dehumanizes the people involved in those supposedly lesser atrocities, and therefore dehumanizes us a little bit too.

    • Savannah

      I’m not really sure implying those who do not blindly support Israel are anti-semites and Hamas supporters qualifies as ‘benign’ comments.

      • Juan Carlos Ruiz

        It is impossible to support Hamas and not be an anti-Semite.

        • Savannah

          What part of ‘opposing Israeli government policies does not make someone either a supporter of Hamas or an anti-Semite’ is it you fail to understand?

  • joekool

    The Left is prejudiced against any state that wantonly kills women in children under the guise of ‘defending’ themselves. Face it, Israel is the 4th largest military in the world, has some 200 nuclear warheads, and went ballistic when the prisoners in Gaza rioted. Israel has been behaving like a terrorist nation intent on genocide.

    • Don

      Israel can be pretty harsh but you need to look up the word genocide instead of blindly repeating what the media states

    • Friedman & Associates Consulti

      Ha, ha, ha, ah. 2,000 in a month? By Mid East standards that’s not even trying. Actually Israel does try — to avoid civilian deaths. And as journalists exit Gaza and publish what really happened, we know that a majority of Gazans killed were males of fighting age. Now why would Hamas have hidden that fact?
      Here’s the law, by the way: if an assailant holding a hostage raises a reasonable apprehension of serious harm to me, I may kill the hostage and the assailant as long as I try to avoid killing the hostage. If the assailant survives, he will be indicted for murder. I will be exonerated on the basis of non-culpable homicide. It’s a cruel dilemma but the law does not require self-sacrifice.
      That’s what is happening in Gaza. The dilemma was created by Hamas.

      • Savannah

        “Actually Israel does try — to avoid civilian deaths. ”

        Don’t buy the propaganda.

        “And as journalists exit Gaza and publish what really happened,”

        They have. They’ve written about the bodies of innocents blown up on the beach, buried in rubble, killed while seeking UN shelter.

        “we know that a majority of Gazans killed were males of fighting age.”

        Absolute and total nonsense.

        “Here’s the law, by the way: if an assailant holding a hostage raises a reasonable apprehension of serious harm to me, I may kill the hostage and the assailant as long as I try to avoid killing the hostage. ”

        Amnesty International has said there’s no evidence Hamas is using human shields, and yet this fallacy is repeated consistently by supporters of Israel.

        And the UN is already investigating Israeli war crimes.

        • Juan Carlos Ruiz

          Hamas themselves, if you read all the stuff that you’re willfully ignoring, has admitted to much of what you’re denying. I know you’d like to believe otherwise, or perhaps that’s just “fake Hamas” propaganda, but why don’t you start with their charter… the one about destroying Israel and killing every Jew.

          Listen, Savannah, you might not like to hear it… but you and Jews and Israelis…? To them, you’re all the same. Are you a subservient Muslim woman who buys into Sharia law and all the rest of it? No? Then you’d better hope that Israel, the one democracy in the middle east, can hold their ground because like it or not, they’re defending YOU.

          • Savannah

            Oh please. This hyperbole of ‘Hamas support’ because you oppose the Israeli government’s atrocious policies is both tired and weak. Hamas is the government precisely because of Israel’s treatment of the Palestinians and Israel will only continue to foster hatred and anger by destroying the lives of innocents.

            And continue to compare Israel to the worst of the worst if that’s what you have to do to make yourself feel better. It doesn’t change the fact that Israel is being investigated for war crimes and has failed to live up to its responsibilities as an occupying force.

        • The Dork Knight

          The UN is nothing more today than a pathetic joke. I don’t see them giving a damn about any countries where radical muslim terrorists are murdering people left, right and centre for not following their religion.

    • Juan Carlos Ruiz

      If Israel was so intent on genocide, with their firepower they could have wiped Gaza off the map in minutes. On the flip side, if the Arabs had the firepower that Israel has, there’d be no Israel. Give your head a shake.

  • Paul Blair

    Might I point out that should it really want to ..with the equipment and manpower and tech that Israel has had at hand for some time now ..if it was genocide they wanted against all those in Gaza, they could have wiped most of them out with ease on many occasions …but haven’t.
    Yes ..they have tactical nuclear weapons ..probably more advanced that even the Yanks know.
    …but they’ve never had the desire to use them against Gaza or any other of the many who’ve attacked her people. Not yet anyway. Sometimes I think they need to be talked into taking out every Muslim stronghold the marauders consider holy.
    The Jewish elected leadership …More patience than …what was the guys name?

  • Paul Blair

    Save the animals.
    Screw the Jews.

    • Your post is quite ambiguous and it is not clear what point you are trying to make in my opinion.

  • maya

    Good for you for speaking up for what you believe in. It’s unfortunate that there’s no room for an open dialogue. And you’re right, if it was the other way around, you would still be in your position. Such a shame… keep your head held up high. You did the right thing!

    • Savannah

      There is room for open dialogue – just not when you are president of the organization and you directly contradict your party’s stance on the issue, using your title to add credibility to your opinion and creating confusion regarding the party’s public position.

  • Political_One

    The problem with the Green party, much like the Separatist party in Quebec, is that it places too much emphasis on government intervention and regulation rather than the free market to address environmental issues. This focus attracts only the leftist crowd which is more intolerant with its ideological, top-down, government-dictates, command-economy approach rather than the pragmatic, right wing crowd which emphasize free markets to meet the needs of people and their concern for a clean and safe environment.

    Capitalism and competitive free markets have raised hundreds of millions out of poverty, have encouraged, individual rights, property rights and democracy in all parts of the world. Capitalism and free markets can also provide the mechanisms, products and services to address environmental issues. The Green Party, as primarily single issue party, is not a big tent, right AND left-wing party. If it was it would have included your voice and many others which could advance your cause. Better to find a vehicle or a party than embraces a more inclusive approach that embraces freedom of speech and innovative market-based solutions

    • charliehall

      Unregulated free markets have resulted in massive environmental damage across the planet. And the right wing crowd today refuses to even acknowledge this, much less take action to help.

    • Savannah

      ” it places too much emphasis on government intervention and regulation rather than the free market to address environmental issues.”

      LMAO. You’ve seen what the free market does when there ARE regulations, right? You think it would get better if they self-policed?

    • Lavender

      If you want to use this article as an opportunity to plug your opinions about the environment and the economy, while spreading your ignorance of the left (i.e. try reading what Marx, Lenin, etc. actually proposed), maybe this isn’t the best place to do it.

  • Juan Carlos Ruiz

    I do find it chilling to see the left proudly marching next to Hamas flags and “Burn the Jews” and “Hitler was right” mob. I find it further troubling that the undercurrent of antisemitism that’s always been prevalent in the left is stronger than the concern for the other atrocities being committed for the same reasons Israel is being attacked. Syria, Iraq… we all know what’s going on, and the scariest part of it is that these pseudo-intellectuals leftists marching next to Hamas don’t realize they’re just as much the enemy as the Jews. Where are the Green Party condemnations of Gaza, Iraq and Syria?

    Don’t think your in good company with your fellow Jew-haters, Green Party…. when Hamas and ISIS are done with Israel and the Jews, they’re coming after you. Heck, look at the Christians in Iraq fleeing into the hills (before being slaughtered). You think your hatred of Israel will get you through this? You need to realize something, you free-thinking democrat-loving Christian-or-atheist white people: to them, you ARE Israel. We all are. We are all their enemies, no more and no less than Israel. US, Canada, UK, Israel — to them, we’re all the same.

    • $18264479

      It is true the left is cheering on ISIS, all you need to look is on the CBC website comment section on any story relating to the comment this current conflict and they cheer them on, even when it is a violation of the submission guild lines

      • Savannah

        “It is true the left is cheering on ISIS”

        Complete and utter nonsense.

        • yakernutz

          Savannah, everything you’ve said comes with no backup, in other words, nothing but baseless opinion. I can point to thousands of comments on cbc or rabble, or many of the like that show frightening allegiance to Hamas, ISIS and their ilk. Show me some empirical evidence to assert your statements, otherwise, you’re as ‘utter nonsense’ as your comments.

          • River_City

            What have we come to when the Green Party gets cast as a leftist party?

            Anyone paying attention knows that the Greens in Canada have their roots conservative politics. This left-right nonsense might help to polarize some entertaining rant camps for the comments sections, but it does nothing to characterise the Green Party’s actual philosophy and policies.

          • Chester Field

            There is no nonsense when it comes to left right…. you are either for big government and political correctness, or you are not. I am NOT.

        • Pulseguy

          Many, many are Savannah. You’re hiding your head in the sand.

    • Savannah

      “I do find it chilling to see the left proudly marching next to Hamas flags and “Burn the Jews” and “Hitler was right” mob.”

      Don’t know a single member of the ‘left’ proudly marching next to Hamas flags. Do know many members of the left actively processing the slaughter of innocent civilians in Gaza though.

      • Juan Carlos Ruiz

        OK, I’ll do the research for you… even though they’re facts that you don’t want to see nor acknowledge. Google the recent activity in Calgary, maybe “Jewish protest Calgary. Click on “Images”. Look for the GPC flags. Look for the Hamas and Hezbollah flags. It’s sickening. And you’re defending it. That’s sickening too.

        Maybe you need to understand that the right stance here is to be on both sides; FOR Israel, FOR innocent Arabs and AGAINST HAMAS… a stance GPC fails at.

        • Savannah

          Please show me where one of those people was wearing any sort of identification that marked them as members of “the left”. Oh that’s right, you can’t.

          • Juan Carlos Ruiz

            Scroll down the comments and find the link from Diane something… go read her essay and check out her website. She makes comments that you’d agree with. Those are the kind of people you’re in bed with. Thought you should know.

          • Chester Field

            It is common for people on the left to not say they are on the left. Instead they hide behind political correctness, feminism, and other mental illnesses

        • Savannah

          Were any of them carrying signs that said “I’m a member of the left wing”? Wearing t-shirts identifying their voting preference?

          Thought not.

          • Juan Carlos Ruiz

            Did you actually look? Seriously, did you? It’s on page one.

      • Asher B. Garber

        I have many friends who decided it was better for them to expend their energy lying about Israel than learning about it. That’s not uncommon, and goes against all the Liberal principles of, you know, educated decision making.

        • Chester Field

          I’ve NEVER heard of educated decision making and Liberal in the same sentence. This might be a world first !

  • Turgar

    I think many Jew felt torn as somehow there is nothing we can say including legitimate concern for th people of Gaza that will not end badly somehow.

    See Irish rover for the typical non informed opinion. Irish read Hamas own sources. They openly admit to attrocity against their own people and not one is allowed to say as much?

    Arab children were bombed. ON both sides by the way as Israel hs a significant Arab population. In 20 years you will wonder at your blind support for a group that never gave a bit of nitrogenous waste for the people of Gaza. An extrmist group needs misery and thanks to people who won’t use the information that even Hamas makes available their dream that Jews everywhere suffer nnd are afraid comes true.

    Well done IRish Rover and the millions like you.

    Paul I knew the day I read your letter that you were done but you did the right thing and i thought it expressed nicely the situation so many find ourselves in.

    I was not wild with the Green Party before as I live in Elizabeth’s My riding and when the annuall warm fuzzy statement on disabilities was issued I wrote my MP for the first time ever. Moe than half a year later not so much as a form letterl;

    History will say you were correct when all the newly on the bandwagon here move on to other things.

    • Savannah

      “Arab children were bombed. ON both sides by the way as Israel hs a significant Arab population.”

      Please provide evidence a single Arab child has been killed in Israel.

  • NorthStar

    It is unfortunate, Canada is behind Israel, but the Canadian Green Prty is not! I do not know if I ca support The Green Party anymore!


      • AlexM

        Stop yelling.

      • Savannah


        They’re an occupying force. They’re required to do so by international law. Stop acting as if they’re doing something miraculous. They’re not even living up to the basic tenets of their requirements.

        • Juan Carlos Ruiz

          How many Palestinians are being let into Egypt and treated there..? You know, the fellow Arabs who share that southern Gaza border? Zero.

        • JackB

          Savannah, Israel left the Gaza Strip in 2005, so for nearly 10 years it’s not an “occupying force” there in any way, shape or form and under no international law obligation whatsoever to provide treatment to casualties of war there.
          Indeed, I’m amazed at how much you write here given your utter ignorance and cluelessness, which you just highlighted further with the last comment.
          I look forward to your apology for providing blatantly wrong information, and also look forward to your future comments, which will further emphasize your ignorance, lack of comprehension, and bias. You’re doing a great job convincing the convinced and embarrassing yourself and showing your true colors to everyone else. Keep it up!

      • NorthStar

        I think you have mis-read my post!

  • 4Canada

    Ethics. Something the Green Party lacks.

  • LFC Ottawa

    I’m sure both the Conservative Party of Canada and the Liberal Party of Canada would welcome Mr. Estrin as a member anytime.

    • MysticPizza

      The Liberal party under Trudeau Jr. is as anti Israel as the green party. Possibly as anti Semitic as well.

      • AlexM


      • Savannah

        Oh give me a break. Why is it when anyone criticizes Israel’s vile policies towards the Palestinians they’re automatically branded an anti-Semite? It’s weak.

        • Juan Carlos Ruiz

          Here’s the answer to your rhetorical question… because Hamas is calling for the destruction of Israel and the death of all Jews. Are you clear on that? So is it actually possible to negotiate with that? What do you suggest? Kill only half the Jews? A nice little compromise.

          Israel’s policy of death and destruction is aimed solely at Hamas, not the innocent civilians of Gaza to whom they provide tonnes of AID, FOOD, MEDICAL SUPPLIES every single day.

          They do everything they can to prevent civilian deaths, but you will continually crap all over them because it doesn’t fit with you insane desire to make the Jews the bad guys.

          And again, if they wanted to wipe out Gaza, they would’ve and could’ve done it with surgical precision. Much like what would happen to northern Mexico if the Mexicans were lobbing rockets from Tijuana into San Diego. Do you think the Americans would be dropping leaflets and sending text messages?

        • dan

          please respond to juan. i would love to hear that bit of coveted insight! lol just another “activist” that has not read up on the situation in israel other than from al jazeera. Isis=hamas=boko haram. if you dont acknowledge it, you support terror and muslims opressing other muslims. just wait till they get their hands on the real infidels (us).

  • rufusrastasjohnsonbrown

    The Green Party no longer exists,it has been replaced by the Elizabeth May party whose sole purpose is provide a pay cheque,pension,and platform to a flaky cult leader.

  • greenren

    Paul has seen the light and clearly will not be party to the double-standards. Israel can certainly use more activist-minded, forward-thinking, Jewish environmentalists. We have our own ‘green’ party and a huge will to make improvements here. Come join us!

  • $18264479

    Paul, your were right, however you were a victim of a smear campaign since I know they been trying to do this to the Green Party for years and even trying to remove you personally over your religion and the words they used are not nice to say the least. I know this since I use to be apart of the group and they say they preach being Neutral, but it is far from it. I left, since I could not be with this group for being just out right racist . I know this since many of those calling for you to resign, sent out a action alert to target you personally and even the names in the comment section of the Green Party when you blog posting and most of the people attacking your post were fake names sent by this organization. If the Green Party even looked into the IP address were they came from, it came from them and most the same IP address.

    If this is the Green Party position, then May should be the one resigning. Paul, at least you spoke the truth.

    • Savannah

      Charles, I’m curious – does a ‘balanced opinion’ mean complete support for Israel to you, like it appears to for Paul?

      • dan

        so you support terror for the sake of “balance.” that is not politically correct like you think it is, it’s downright scary and potentially dangerous. read the hamas charter plz

  • GPC Member

    Once again Paul is misrepresenting himself and demonizing the Green Party of Canada. The reason Paul was asked to leave as party president is not because of his opinion, but rather his use of the Green Party website, and his official title to perpetuate a view that was clearly against the will of the membership.

    In doing so, Paul confused the media and the public as to what the stance of the party actually is, and caused great strife. Paul is trying to make the party executive out to be a bunch of boogeymen who hate him for his views. Nothing could be further from the truth.

    He was asked to leave because he abused of his title, eschewed his responsibility and used his office to perpetuate his personal opinions, and failed to mention that his opinion is not the will of the GPC membership.

    The GPC is not anti-Isreal. The GPC is anti-violence, no matter who perpetuates it. Paul is making the party out to be anti-semitic, which is a bald faced lie.

    • workingbrain

      “The GPC is anti-violence”. Well, hope you’re sitting down for this one; in the real world, there are some bad people. Even people who willingly and joyfully kill others. So, you see, if the GPC chooses to be against all violence, equating defensive and aggressive force, they have completely lost all practical and moral judgement. Such “leadership” failed miserably with Chamberlain, and given our knowledge of history, would be the worst possible choice for any peace-loving person.

      But hey GPC members, I’d love for your “anti-violence” platform to work! With that wholesale slaughter happening in and around Iraq, please try that out there. I’ll be watching but might not be holding my breath.

      • jmcintyre62

        Glad you’re commenting here, brain, and very important points. My parents-in-law are Christians that just escaped from Iraq to Lebanon. We now have them registered with the UN refugee program there thankfully. Their home in Mosul, Iraq is now property of the Islamic State and they’d have been killed if they hadn’t fled to the north. If the Americans had not intervened militarily last week with air strikes on ISIS positions we probably wouldn’t have been able to get them out and the consequences would have been bleak for them, like it has been for the poor Yazidis. You can imagine we lost a lot of sleep over it.

        Since the Green Party renounces all violence they likely also condemn the ‘violence’ the Iraqi and American air forces are committing against those poor genocidal ISIS terrorists (that is if they actually bothered to pay attention to any other geopolitical conflicts taking place in the world besides what occurs in Israel/Palestine); violence which has allowed people threatened with imminent genocide to avoid an unspeakably brutal and agonizing death. That is a position absent of morals in my opinion and I’m truly ashamed and appalled that there is a legitimate political party in Canada which adopts such a vile position.

  • Erich Jacoby-Hawkins

    Paul, I can’t agree with your characterization of the problem with your statement. The issue was not which stance you took, it was that you took a stance which differed from the one that had just been adopted by the party membership as a whole, through two strongly-supported member-submitted resolutions, and you put your stance out there on a Green Party website with your title as party President prominently listed. (And, of course, the media immediately took note and spread the story far & wide).

    You ask “if I had written a blog on what is happening in Gaza from the perspective of those ruling Gaza, would I have been ostracized and forced from my position?”

    To that I respond that the same would have happened – because you still would have been deviating significantly from the GPC’s recently-adopted position (which is certainly not pro-Hamas or anti-Israel) and putting your title to it.

    If you had posted your blog just using your name, not title, then I don’t think this would have been anywhere near as large an issue, although having been elected to represent the whole GPC membership, it would not be unreasonable to expect you to try to represent their views (as expressed in consensus motions) rather than your own personal ones during your term as party president. You were elected to represent the members, not to promulgate contrary personal positions.

    As president, it would have been perfectly appropriate for you to explore and explain the stance adopted by the membership, or to let it speak for itself. But in coming out in a whole different direction while wearing your President’s hat, you committed a grave error.

    I am not saying this required resignation – I was not a party to those discussions – but it was a serious mis-step, one which brought the party’s integrity into question. Trying to shift blame to a difference of opinion trivializes the gravity of the President’s office and miscasts an issue of responsibility as one of policy difference.

    I have spent the last 3 weeks defending the party’s stance from those who feel it is too pro-Israel or anti-Gaza or whatever other crap they accuse. (It is neither pro- nor anti-Israel, nor is it pro-Hamas or anti-Gaza). Your own statement, coming out essentially on your president’s letterhead, certainly didn’t help with that process. The problem wasn’t your personal views, it was the way you expressed them in a way that appeared official yet contradicted what actually was official. This would be problematic no matter what the issue was, or what the particular position taken happened to be.

    Of course, it was even more problematic in that it related to a very divisive issue, one on which the party had struggled and continues to struggle in order to maintain a fair and balanced perspective which can unite rather than divide our membership – a position which neither excuses nor demonizes any side in this conflict, but calls on all of them to cease violent or military action as futile tools to resolve the conflict.

    In my own role as co-chair of Shadow Cabinet, I have accepted that I must, at times, refrain from speaking my mind publicly when doing so could confuse people as to the stance of the GPC. That means, for example, not campaigning on behalf of candidates for internal office, and not putting my name & title to views that contradict those in our published documents. I’m not in favour of censoring our membership – quite the contrary, they need to be able to discuss & debate their views fully – but I recognize that as long as I am in a position of leadership, I may need to restrain my own personal views in order to better perform my task. If I wish to put out a statement that strongly contradicts something which has recently and enthusiastically been decided upon by the membership, then I will resign my position first and speak as a member, not from a position of authority. I accept this limitation as part of my duties in how I serve the party in this volunteer position.

    I find it ironic that you feel the Jewish perspective isn’t at home in the Green Party, even as I am still today defending against accusations that the party is controlled by Zionists or that our stance (which isn’t anti-Israel) is weak for fear of alienating our Jewish supporters. To me this just shows that charting a fair path is difficult and those on either side will always accuse us of siding with the other. I reject this simplistic binary characterization and believe we can support the right of the state of Israel to exist (which we do) while opposing civilian deaths or collective punishment (which we do).

    • Steve May

      Well said, Erich.

    • workingbrain

      Erich, you state; ” I… believe we can support the right of the state of Israel to exist (which we do) while opposing civilian deaths or collective punishment (which we do)”. The problem is that the GPC proclaims such policies that are so far removed from any context. And any such thinking, devoid of context, is delusional and dangerous if in ant position of power.

      This isn’t Wonderland Erich; and if you or your party can’t identify self-defense from homicidal and genocidal, then you’ve got a far more threatening and immediate issue at hand then the weather.

    • GPC Member

      Hear Hear!

    • Lavender

      “If I wish to put out a statement that strongly contradicts something which has recently and enthusiastically been decided upon by the membership, then I will resign my position first and speak as a member, not from a position of authority. I accept this limitation as part of my duties in how I serve the party in this volunteer position.”

      This is what it comes down to, and the fact that Estrin is unable to understand this confirms that he’s not right for the position. Erich’s language and attitude exemplify why the people who support the Green Party of Canada do. I don’t care which end of the political spectrum you identify with; if you’re able to be honest with yourself and others about why you hold a particular opinion and you articulate clear, balanced, and reasonable arguments, I will have respect for you. There’s no value in personal attacks, rhetoric, or emotional responses – and both the right and left comprise people who are guilty of these things (I’ve written about this here: http://lavenderblume.wordpress.com/2014/08/01/gaza-and-schadenfreude-exploiting-oppression/).

      Israel has a right to exist and to defend itself. But it does not have the right to occupy land that does not belong to it. It does not have the right to enclose Gaza or cut off food and medical supplies. Palestine has a right to exist and to defend itself. But Hamas is a terrorist organization. Anyone applauding or justifying collateral damage of any sort is on the “wrong side”. Bombing Israel won’t convince it to withdraw, but Israel has also made it clear that at this point in time it isn’t willing to hand over Gaza, whether or not Hamas continues to bomb. The aggression on both sides must stop, and the illegal occupation is part of that aggression.

  • NorthernEagle

    Well done, Paul. Further proof that Green is the new home for Reds.

    We should all be Teddy Roosevelt environmentalists…national parks, clean air and water, all good, but none of this extremist and bogus modern claptrap about ‘global warming’ oops ‘climate change’ oops ‘climate disruption’ oops ‘climate justice’…that’s all just anti-Western (and therefore anti-Jewish) hate masquerading as science-based environmental concern.

    • Steve May

      I’m pretty sure that Teddy Roosevelt, were he alive today, would acknowledge the reality of climate change as articulated by the global scientific consensus. I suspect that Teddy would agree with George W. Bush and Stephen Harper – that climate change is a clear and present threat to our society.

      • NorthernEagle

        You need to keep up. The ‘consensus’ is crumbling every day. And neither Bush or Harper are/were convinced any trends are man made.

        • Steve May

          You need to be better informed. The consensus has never been stronger, with the release of the IPCC’s 5th Assessment Report, the level of confidence in the anthropogenic climate change model is now up to 95% – higher than the scientific consenus around the notion that smoking is linked with cancer.

          And Stephen Harper called “the the fight against climate change, perhaps the biggest threat to confront the future of humanity today”.

          All of this is available on the internet. Maybe do a little research next time before shooting from the hip.

          • NorthernEagle

            Nice selective quoting of the PM.

            Harper also said in the same speech that Kyoto protocol was “a socialist scheme to suck money out of wealth-producing nations” and described the science behind it as “tentative and contradictory.”

            Which is why he pulled us out of it thank God.

            He is not someone who’s drunk the climate Kool-Aid. Sorry.

          • Steve May

            It’s interesting then that Harper’s government has been moving to regulate emissions on a sectoral basis – actually taking (albeit limited and slow) action to address that “biggest threat to confront the future of humanity today”. And in that, Harper isn’t alone. Just about every government in the world has acknowledged the reality of climate change. Why don’t you believe in it?

            Those who continue to deny this reality are rapidly becoming laughingstocks. Most now only do so when covered by the veil of anonymity at online sites like this one, out of fear that their friends and family might discover their truly bizarre and completely non-evidenced base belief sysem.

            I’m pretty sure that Paul Estrin continues to believe in climate change too.

          • NorthernEagle

            Ahh, goading and intimidation.

            Seems to be standard procedure when folks like you encounter opposite viewpoints to theirs. (See Mozilla CEO)

            Your intolerance is far scarier to me than the hysterical and ever changing climate predictions from the UN. You know the UN, that great body of justice, truth, and goodness?

            With attitudes like yours, can you blame me for being anonymous?

            And as far as what Estrin believes…I thought you said it was science, not belief?

            Done with you pal.

  • Adel Hashemi

    Thank you Paul for sharing this.

    • CJNAdmin


  • Dave

    Gee, I thought you had to quit because you were unprofessional and signed off on an opinion piece as party president giving the impression that it was party policy.

  • Steve May

    Sorry, Paul, but your blogpost contained a number of comments which were anything but respectful. Your indication that Muslims would use synagogues as latrines and leave Christians living in fear was completely over the top and failed to live up to the Party’s value of respecting diversity. That kind of language had no place on the Party’s website, and should have been removed right away, no matter the author.

    I can’t believe that you think that what you produced was in any way “moderate” in nature, given the disrespectful language you used about a group of people. Differences of opinion have been, and continue to be respected in the Green Party. When those opinions are expressed without respect, and where they border on hate, their expression has no place in legitimate discourse. And Paul, that’s where you went with your blogpost.

    Your resignation was the right thing to do – thank you for that. We members, for the most part I think, were happy to hear that you had stepped down. I know that I was.

    • workingbrain

      Steve, You say, “comments which were anything but respectful. Your indication that Muslims would use synagogues as latrines and leave Christians living in fear was completely over the top and failed to live up to the Party’s value of respecting diversity”. So then the GPC, if your above-mentioned views are reflected by the party, practices wilful historical denial.

      You’re entitled to your own opinions, not your own facts. Paul on the other hand isn’t aven entitled to his opinions. The term “Fascism” comes to mind. But Fascism is the modus operandi of the new “Progressives”.

    • innessa

      You, sir, just wait and see – these Muslims you’re so concerned for (of course, they wouldn’t use synagogues as latrines… oh, no sir… they will keep and cherish them) will soon come after you and don’t cry out for help. But, of course, I’m sure you’ll convert and leave happily ever after. Good luck with that, you, moron.

  • Savannah

    Paul, please. Your views are neither balanced nor moderate to anyone but those who blindly support Israel. To say the following in a status update “Canadian progressives aligning themselves not with peace and justice for all but in solid opposition to Israel” is not only ridiculous, it marks you as one of those for whom Israel can do no wrong – ergo incapable of balance.

    Your employer had every right to ask you to resign for expressing views contrary to the organization’s policies, especially after you used your position as president to create an unnecessarily divisive, factually incorrect platform to mislead people.

  • Dissin’ Terry

    Hey, remember when everyone just sat around discussing politics, as though the discussion itself is involvement enough, but then nobody actually does anything and nothing happens? Keep blowin’ that hot air baby, you love to listen to yourself talk. 😉

  • Georgia Collins

    When there is geonocide happening in this world, it is important that we don’t sit back and allow an entire people to be written out of history. This is clearly not a new concept. One need only to look at the map* from 1917-Present Day, which demonstrates how Israel’s share of the land has grown from 3% to 87%, to know that Israel’s right to exist is not in question, while Palestine’s is. Paul Estrin could have just as easily signed his name as an individual rather than as a representative of the Green Party, and I imagine that could have gone a long way. When you speak on behalf of the party, I think all parties would agree, your words should reflect the overall intention of the party, which I believe is peace and integrity.

    *This is the first website where I could find this graphic, I am not familiar with nor do I support the views expressed on this site.

    • workingbrain

      Georgia, SURPRISE! Mandated Palestine ALSO encompassed what’s now, Jordan. The propaganda map you look to is historically wrong and thus changes your percentages dramatically.

      Also, in keeping with your oh so strong morals, I’m sure you’re all over the genocidal carnage happening to Christians and Muslims at the hands of the Muslim Brotherhood and their off-shoots. (or, does your indignation only start if a Jew’s involved)

    • innessa

      What 1917 has to do with today’s situation, madam? Israel was established in 1947 and so-called palestinians were no where to be found in that time. There’s no nation called Palestinians (during the Turks occupation Jews were called Palestinians, because they lived in territories Turks named Palestine), there never was a country where today’s “palestinians’ lived. Oh, ya… you do support the site you copied and pasted – you are one of so many anti-Semites covering behind words of “kindness and understanding”. But your kindness is one-sided. You support terrorists, KILLERS, who won’t stop at anything! If you’re so “kind”, why are you silent about Libya – 250000 people were murdered there in just one week. Thousands of them civilians. Or Syria? Why aren’t you so concerned about what’s going on in Iraq now – hundreds of thousands CIVILIANS murdered, beheaded, thrown out and persecuted? Why? You are disgusting!

  • ruckndl

    For Paul and all of those on this thread who feel that the Greens are unfair to Israel, I would like to know what you think about The settlements that Israel has built in the West Bank.

    • innessa

      What settlements? What year are you living in? Israel left Gaza in 2005 – not a single Israeli is there now. They left behind thousands of green houses for palestinians to use – grow vegetables, flowers, fruits… but they burned them down and built tunnels to destroy Israel and kill as many Israelis as possible. Are you completely out of touch or simply an idiot brainwashed to no end? This land was never a “palestinian’s” (in today’s understanding of this word) to start with. Before Arafat came, no one was talking about land for “palestinians”, sir. These people came from all over the Middle East and not a single country in there wanted these terrorists – do you remember what King Hussein of Jordan did to them? He killed more than 25000 in one night and threw all others, including Arafat, out of Jordan! Get real. You look like an old man – start learning how to educate yourself first before starting talking. If not… keep your mouth shut!

  • typhoeus

    He still doesn’t get it.

  • Ted Harlson

    Let’s take a murkier look. Historically, those who fought for and built socialist towers have always been the first one’s murdered. Just look at the Communist party purges, the National Socialist leadership, – I mean murdered. Its just a logical end in with doctrinaire absolutism.

  • jmcintyre62

    Paul’s blog entry was moderate. Unlike Hamas’ charter which calls for the death of all Jews he was not venerating the deaths of Palestinians. The fact that the Green Party faithful are here still dogging him and castigating him for his apparently immoderate stance suggests to me that the level of outrage is based on something a little more than mere disagreement.

  • NadineLumley

    Interesting how the left often prefer to live in black and white (when the real world is many shades of grey). This of course is also true of the right. What to do?

  • Bruce Anderson

    As a security guard, I watched over a woman who assured me she was, “The Virgin Mary,” Liz May also lives in a fantasy world untroubled by logic or reason – just whimsy – like Alice in Wonderland,

  • Mike Stirton

    Welcome to reality Paul. You have learned a VERY valuable lesson. The Green Party is an offshoot of the Liberal party…the Liberals were not “green” enough for the liking of that party when it was formed. They took all that was Liberal, and simply added the extremist “green” position to it.

    And also one of the most contradictory aspects of the Liberal party is the so called “tolerance and understanding”, they OBVIOUSLY took that as well. You are not allowed your opinion in that arena, valid or otherwise.

  • pdofcan

    There is only one Canadian political party that supports Israel, perhaps it might be a good idea for you to start supporting that party.

  • Samuel

    The author’s post was not “moderate” by any means, as he claims.In fact in the last sentence, he states that Israel will eventually have no choice except for a “military manoeuver” to totally destroy Gaza and achieve a “manageable peace”. Nothing wrong with spewing that kind of hatred on your own blog, but you can’t use the Green Party web site and make it seem it’s the official position of the party.

  • The Billster

    The left has become a hot bed of Hamas-Huggers, champions of jihad and eradicating Israel. Just look at whom they support and oppose. The left should have stuck to promoting socialism and rescuing Africa from itself.

  • Matt

    Sorry you had to go thru the oust — I really am, but though it was painful, it certainly must have been an eve opener in terms of the real world of PC junkies. Tolerance is a one way street; and all the traffic goes in their direction…sort of a “our way or the highway” type of mentality. It’s a profound enigma that defies.logic. I wish we had a chance to interact personally. In the end, you may or may not agree with me, but it seems that there may well be some key elements in your frame of reference that, if taken into serious consideration, could be a REAL game-changer — for you and.several others.
    Best of everything as you wonder, work, worship, and wait (patiently) for the next chapter. It WILL come!

  • Alain Charbonneau

    I may be putting myself in harm’s way here, but in the interest of a different opinion here I go. I do not for one minute support anyone or anything that uses violence to promote itself. There are many groups in the middle east that do so, and this includes the state of Israel. I think that people are inherently good, and given a chance to do so, they would. And it is hard to find one more one-sided than Netanyahu, to the point of giving a speech to congress that would have seen him arrested in Israel, if the roles and subject were reversed. I do not believe that violence will solve anything – anywhere. Yes, Israel has a right to exist. But that right does not include the right to stifle the existence of the Palestinian people.
    Until there is peace, violence, in all its forms – including encroaching settlements – must stop. The government of Israel has a duty to actively seek peace, and a long lasting peaceful solution. The hard line, intimidation tactics as well as an unwillingness to stop encroaching settlements shows me that they are not negotiating with all sincerity. And until they do – they cannot point to others.

  • Don’tTrust MainstreamMedia

    Join the NDP. In the NDP people on both sides of the issue agree on a few things thing – an end to the violence in Gaza, a two state solution, and that Israel respect the UN regarding settlements.

  • Don’tTrust MainstreamMedia

    It’s funny that a party that brags about their “100% free votes” doesn’t want someone else to have an opinion. The Greens are a huge contradiction. Bruce Hyer voted in favor of war – the most environmentally destructive industry in the world – while wearing his green coat. Green on the outside and blue or red on the inside.

    100% free votes – the party can say and print anything they want in their “green vision” book. It means nothing when MP’s are allowed to vote any way they want.

  • Rob Brown

    When it comes to Israel, there is no freedom of speech.

  • GymMom66

    Your comment displays extreme ignorance and one-sidedness, yourself.

    Israel has a perfect right to exist, as the nation-state of the Jewish people, who are indigenous to the land of Israel. Standing up for that right, and defending itself against genocidal attacks by multiple countries and terror groups does not make Israel the bad guy.

    It is easy for Canadians or Americans or Europeans, who do not have to face a daily onslaught of terror, based simply on their existence, to sit back in their comfortable armchairs, and tell Israel how to behave.

    It is easy for well-meaning but naive people to assume that the Jews must have “done something” to deserve the level of genocidal hatred that is directed at them by much of the Arab world. But such assumptions ARE naive, and unfounded.

    Most of the Arab world hates Jews because they have been raised to hate Jews. They have been fed a steady diet of Antisemitic propaganda by their schools, their governments, and their media, as a way of deflecting attention and anger away from their own inept and corrupt leaders.

    And now, much of the western world has fallen for the same unsupported lies against Israel. Israel isn’t perfect- but then, neither is any other country. Despite facing MUCH more difficult conditions than any western country, Israel has a remarkably GOOD human rights record. Minority citizens in Israel share all the same rights as the majority, including the right to own property, to vote, and to hold government office. Show me a single Arab country where Jews have all those rights! You can’t, because it doesn’t exist.

  • Disabuser

    This face-covering piece is too obviously disingenuous.

    As the far-left Ottawa Citizen wrote, “Estrin’s original 2,200-word blog posting was far from neutral.”

    He claimed “Gaza is giving children grenades … and asking their citizens to be sheep to the slaughter … Gazan officials tell their people to be killed while they hide in bomb shelters.”

    This is moderate? While Israel was conducting its latest mass slaughter against a relatively defenceless penned-in people, you call your treatment by the Green Party “brutal”?

    rabble.ca wrote:
    “It’s impossible to summarize the ignorance, the sheer falsehoods and the malice contained in Estrin’s meandering statement, …. in a baffling display of logic, Estrin claims that Palestinians living in Gaza ‘have been in control of their own destiny’ since 2005, when the siege began. He then goes on to blame them for their own besiegement, of giving children grenades (!), and of embracing martyrdom….

    “Such venom can usually only be found in the most far-right reaches of the Knesset … Even in the halls of [Canada’s] Parliament Hill, where the three major parties march in lockstep with unconditional support of Israel, words like the above are rarely, if ever, uttered….

    “[Estrin goes on to endorse colonialism, land theft and forced displacement]:
    ‘In our culture, often activists are against colonialism, yet forget that their ancestors only a handful of generations ago partook in just that, enabling them to live the secure lives they currently enjoy, and the lives the live (sic) is at the benefit (sic) of economic colonialism.’

    “Yes, our brave ancestors who ‘partook’ in colonialism should now be proud of the ‘secure lives’ we now enjoy, now that generations of Aboriginal people have been fractured, damaged, dispossessed, starved, murdered, ignored, exploited and oppressed.”

  • Barry Epstein

    Sorry that happened to you, Paul. We need more dedicated people like you in politics, not fewer. It appears that we may also lose Elizabeth May. It’s sad that your party turned on you like that, and over a matter of foreign policy that is clearly discriminatory. It’s unfortunate that the Green Party looks to be on the brink of its demise. It had great potential, but appears to have chosen a path that strays far from its roots, and seems anti-democratic and hypocritical.

  • Barry Epstein

    Then point to a few of those “thousands of comments on CBC”. I’ll wait, but I won’t hold my breath. Show me some empirical evidence.

  • Druid

    I’m always saddened when otherwise dedicated and intelligent people blindly refuse to acknowledge the practice of genocide being employed by Israel under the direction of one of the world’s greatest terrorists. The holocaust does not excuse genocide. Millions of progressive Jewish people and Israeli citizens are appalled and ashamed by the actions of their Knesset. Yes Hamas is an instigator but the people of Gaza have no future under the thumb of an aggressive imperialistic drive to wipe them off the planet. If the United States annexed Canada with soldiers and bombs – I’d probably throw rocks at their foot soldiers.

  • Marcel Beaudoin

    Netenyahu is continuously politically pressured by hardliners in Israel, and is considered to be like Liberals here. Maybe this report and video can shed some perspective: http://www.israelnationalnews.com/News/News.aspx/215930

  • Sheree Nolan

    I think the Green Party is a joke- Never would vote for them in a million years…When they turn against Israel it shows me how very ignorant they are. They certainly don’t KNOW History-

  • Tanya Gaw

    thank you for taking a stand. We need many more courageous people to come together in ‘unity’ for that which is good. If you would consider…the CHP(Christian Heritage Party) stands for Israel and they are in need of great leaders.

  • northern vigor

    There is no room for freedom of speech in left wing parties.