• GymMom66

    Your comment displays extreme ignorance and one-sidedness, yourself.

    Israel has a perfect right to exist, as the nation-state of the Jewish people, who are indigenous to the land of Israel. Standing up for that right, and defending itself against genocidal attacks by multiple countries and terror groups does not make Israel the bad guy.

    It is easy for Canadians or Americans or Europeans, who do not have to face a daily onslaught of terror, based simply on their existence, to sit back in their comfortable armchairs, and tell Israel how to behave.

    It is easy for well-meaning but naive people to assume that the Jews must have “done something” to deserve the level of genocidal hatred that is directed at them by much of the Arab world. But such assumptions ARE naive, and unfounded.

    Most of the Arab world hates Jews because they have been raised to hate Jews. They have been fed a steady diet of Antisemitic propaganda by their schools, their governments, and their media, as a way of deflecting attention and anger away from their own inept and corrupt leaders.

    And now, much of the western world has fallen for the same unsupported lies against Israel. Israel isn’t perfect- but then, neither is any other country. Despite facing MUCH more difficult conditions than any western country, Israel has a remarkably GOOD human rights record. Minority citizens in Israel share all the same rights as the majority, including the right to own property, to vote, and to hold government office. Show me a single Arab country where Jews have all those rights! You can’t, because it doesn’t exist.

  • Disabuser

    This face-covering piece is too obviously disingenuous.

    As the far-left Ottawa Citizen wrote, “Estrin’s original 2,200-word blog posting was far from neutral.”

    He claimed “Gaza is giving children grenades … and asking their citizens to be sheep to the slaughter … Gazan officials tell their people to be killed while they hide in bomb shelters.”

    This is moderate? While Israel was conducting its latest mass slaughter against a relatively defenceless penned-in people, you call your treatment by the Green Party “brutal”?

    rabble.ca wrote:
    “It’s impossible to summarize the ignorance, the sheer falsehoods and the malice contained in Estrin’s meandering statement, …. in a baffling display of logic, Estrin claims that Palestinians living in Gaza ‘have been in control of their own destiny’ since 2005, when the siege began. He then goes on to blame them for their own besiegement, of giving children grenades (!), and of embracing martyrdom….

    “Such venom can usually only be found in the most far-right reaches of the Knesset … Even in the halls of [Canada’s] Parliament Hill, where the three major parties march in lockstep with unconditional support of Israel, words like the above are rarely, if ever, uttered….

    “[Estrin goes on to endorse colonialism, land theft and forced displacement]:
    ‘In our culture, often activists are against colonialism, yet forget that their ancestors only a handful of generations ago partook in just that, enabling them to live the secure lives they currently enjoy, and the lives the live (sic) is at the benefit (sic) of economic colonialism.’

    “Yes, our brave ancestors who ‘partook’ in colonialism should now be proud of the ‘secure lives’ we now enjoy, now that generations of Aboriginal people have been fractured, damaged, dispossessed, starved, murdered, ignored, exploited and oppressed.”

  • Barry Epstein

    Sorry that happened to you, Paul. We need more dedicated people like you in politics, not fewer. It appears that we may also lose Elizabeth May. It’s sad that your party turned on you like that, and over a matter of foreign policy that is clearly discriminatory. It’s unfortunate that the Green Party looks to be on the brink of its demise. It had great potential, but appears to have chosen a path that strays far from its roots, and seems anti-democratic and hypocritical.

  • Barry Epstein

    Then point to a few of those “thousands of comments on CBC”. I’ll wait, but I won’t hold my breath. Show me some empirical evidence.

  • Druid

    I’m always saddened when otherwise dedicated and intelligent people blindly refuse to acknowledge the practice of genocide being employed by Israel under the direction of one of the world’s greatest terrorists. The holocaust does not excuse genocide. Millions of progressive Jewish people and Israeli citizens are appalled and ashamed by the actions of their Knesset. Yes Hamas is an instigator but the people of Gaza have no future under the thumb of an aggressive imperialistic drive to wipe them off the planet. If the United States annexed Canada with soldiers and bombs – I’d probably throw rocks at their foot soldiers.

  • Marcel Beaudoin

    Netenyahu is continuously politically pressured by hardliners in Israel, and is considered to be like Liberals here. Maybe this report and video can shed some perspective: http://www.israelnationalnews.com/News/News.aspx/215930