• anonymous

    “The best way to combat increasing fees is by increasing the number of students at a school, which offsets fixed costs with higher revenues.” — I have long said the biggest reason it’s so (increasingly) expensive to be Jewish (tuition, kosher food, etc) is because the (Jewish) market is too small, and SHRINKING instead of growing!! Bigger market –> more demand –> greater economies of scale –> lower costs for consumers. We need to get more people married & having children, stop intermarriage, and MOST IMPORTANTLY, FIND WAYS TO KEEP MORE JEWS JEWISH (notice I didn’t say “orthodox” — Traditional is good, too!)

  • Modya

    Day school tuition is the single biggest issue for Toronto’s Jewish community and yet Federation seems to want to divert millions and millions to building a JCC complex way up north, so far away from us that it may as well be built on the moon. And then they want to give $8.1M a year to some lobby group that is completely unaccountable to the people who fund it (you and me). And then they seem to think we don’t have a tuition problem because they continue to give an overwhelming majority of donations to Israel when the biggest threat to Jewish continuity is right here in our own back yard.

    And don’t get me started with everyone else who wants to bury their head in the sand. Leo Baeck defines middle income earners as making $150K-$250K with one kid at school and $250K-$350K with 3 kids at school. Last time I checked with Canadian Government stats. $350K/year was not middle income.

    And what about the heads of school for all the day schools or the people responsible for raising money? Why aren’t they advocating with Federation for their parent clients? To whom do they think they are accountable if not the parent body of their own school.

    It’s a disgrace and may well result in one committed Jewish family leaving the day school system. This family!!!

    I am here and willing to work on a solution as part of a team, provided that it doesn’t take 10 years of research and planning, and provided that everyone swallows their ego, admits we’ve dropped the ball and agrees to pick it up again and do the sensible thing.

    Modya Silver (modya@madrega.com)

  • DantheMan999

    The main issue is not the families who are suffering to send their kids to day schools. The main issue is who is NOT there. The main issue is the growing crisis of Jewish continuity that our community faces, which is the predictable fallout from the huge proportion of Jewish children in Ontario who go without a Jewish day school education since their families cannot afford it.

    Our community, and those in it with resources, need to make this a priority.

    Contrary to popular perception, the affordability problem not that parents are
    not willing to make a choice in terms of their discretionary
    income. Current high tuition levels, and unrealistic subsidies,
    are such that families (especially those with more than two children) are
    effectively expected to lose their houses and retirement security to pay for a
    Jewish day school education.

    Even if the Ontario government has abandoned its obligation to fix the current
    religious discrimination in school funding, we need community leadership to
    harness our existing community resources to ensure that every child who wants a
    Jewish day school education gets it.