• AbbasMyass

    Reshaim, it’s the COR mafia that one should be suspect of, who knows what terefa they are peddling under the guise of kasher.

  • COR-rupt

    The fish stinks from the head.

  • Igby

    I never realized how much it costs to have COR certification. No wonder these restaurants are always going out of business.

  • Gideon

    There are two sides to every story and it looks like the CJN only got one side. The COR posted a video of it’s proprietors on its website and they all say they like working with COR and the fees are reasonable. It’s worth watching:

    • COR-rupt

      This is a self serving post from a COR insider.
      These guys a really running scared.

  • TK

    There are no facts here about what is the actual cost of running a kosher supervision organization – is COR overcharging (as is implied but not outright alleged) or is Badatz and Triangle-K undercutting? What I would want see from the CJN is an article about the “business of Kosher” before one about “politics of Kosher”.

  • KS

    We have first hand experience dealing with COR the only time they show up is to pick up the money/Fee for the supervision, Rabbi Ben Salmon inspects our facility on daily bases.
    we are paying more then with COR that mean he is not under cutting COR…
    its should not be a monopoly. COR cannot bully the businesses.