• Chanapollack

    Another part of Jewish Toronto lost forever.

  • Roodbaker

    I am that Dutch Baker and it was a pleasure to have worked with Jonah and his DAD as they both treated me well. 

    • kelly

      I had the pleasure of working for Richman’s Bakery for 12 years and am very sad to see it go. Thanks to my coworkers and especially my customers for making my time truly great!  I am lucky to have built such great relationships and miss you all

  • Eli Poch

    I remember Richmans from 1987, when I started High school down the street. Richmans was home for us during our breaks and on the way back to our houses after a long day. The Buffalo buns, were a great snack to have on the bus.
    Later, when I opened Poch Parties and Events, Jonah and Richmans were my main supplier of baked goods, as I could always depend on the quality of food and service.
    All i can say is ‘Jonah, maybe it’s time to move to Israel we need a GOOD bakery with GOOD quality product (and nobody here knows how to make Petifors…

  • Avipoch

    awesome cookies

  • Dov W

    no more cinammon buns…

  • Toby Trompeter Kraman

    Best of luck to the Libmans in whatever they decide to do now. Richmans was so much more than a bakery… Kids in the area knew they had a warm, safe spot in the winter dark to wait for pick-up after they got off the bus after school, and that they could call home for free from the phone always available for that purpose. Sometimes there was also a delicious cookie thrown into the bargain – or the kids would buy their own. When I worked there briefly, we would save the broken ones to give to the kids. I had a glimpse into what is indeed a world of hard physical work at insane hours… Yishar Koach to the Libmans for all the work they put in, and for the best stone-ground whole-wheat bread in the world! Sorry to see you go.

    • Rabbi Cy Stanway

      This is the real tragedy of the closing of these small stores like Richman’s.  Your evocation of a refuge in the winter, waiting for the bus (can’t you just smell it now?), using the phone and having Richman’s as one of our childhood points of reference is, sadly, gone now with most business handed over to large stores who really don’t care if you freeze to death or not – just shop in here or get out.  Your remembrances recall a time when the community above Wilson along Bathurst really seemed to care about one another.  No more.