• Jp Dys

    Why march only for isralites? why didn’t you guys march for
    srilankan tamils?

    god’s gifted land is an age old lie, which has created
    fight between countries and the sole responsibility is with israel for
    tampering archeology to get international sympathy and support, so it is from
    first day isralietes who have been fooling and making people to fight between
    each other, next comes the islamist, who have started to forge history to
    support their religion, it proprietor would have followed what these ISIS is
    doing to loot, other countries food and natural resource.

    Both moderate christians, isralites, islamist will not
    accept their religion is about terrorwhich is the reason for fight between
    people, with regard to anti semitism,people have started to understand what
    israel has done for all thse yeras fooling people,that is why they are against
    israel and preaching’s of it, who professed superiority by saying gods land,
    gods gifted land,it is the starting point, so the basis is israel, next comes
    islam, both are criminals,both should be punished, fighting for the sake of god
    should be opposed, world is for everybody good human and every good thing not
    only for selected ones. Moderates and innocents wont accept thins nad fight for the sake of god or nationality

  • TerrorIsEvil

    Jp Dys (in his rant in the comments section) represents the kind of anti-Semitism that is disguised as anti-Israelism. Anti-Semistism comes mainly from ignorance as we see in Jp Dys’ almost unintelligible garbled nonsense, hate and propaganda. We see the same from groups that include Islamists and their leftist spokespeople in Canada (and Jewish leftists like IJV). Anti-Semitism is, of course, of concern to Jewish groups but the mainstream refuse to recognize that anti-Semitism from Islamists is just as bad or worse than the European Nazi variety from the 20th century. Political correctness is preventing many from admitting that Islam is the source of all the support for the “death to the Jews” chants we hear in the streets and on the campuses. Most Jewish people do not get out to see the ugliness at counter-rallies which are not given any support nor any announcements or help to organize by mainstream CIJA and Federations. In order to understand the present state of affairs, one must take the blinders off first. I am pleased to see such a great turnout for this peaceful ralliy but if one does not understand that activism includes a variety of approaches and also counter-demonstrations, then he/she is missing the point. When activists are condemned by CIJA and old lefties like Farber, then we must remind these people that their sha-shtil is working against natural reactions to unnatural Jew hatred. Repairing the world also includes making sure that Jews are not victimized and that Israel is defended – not because it is Jewish but because it has historical, biblical, legal, geographic and moral rights to that corner of the world which surpass any lies by haters and terrorists who dispute Israel’s and Jewish people’s rights.