• Bryan

    R.I.P. Ben, you are an angel in a better place now.

  • Maxx Finkelstein

    My heart breaks for Ben’s family. I cannot help but ask, if the family had recognized and identified mental illness in Ben, and yet Ben refused treatment, what else might have been done? Why could no one help this beautiful and highly gifted child to “end the pain” and enable a far less tragic ending to this story?

    • Larry Zeligson

      Ben didn’t refuse all treatment. He tried to respond to treatment but I (his father) believe the treatment being used was not targeting his illness where it was needed. I believe he was suffering from (adolescent) Borderline Personality Disorder which is not very well understood, even among the medical community. In fact there is not much research and virtually no treatment available for this illness before the age of 18. Sadly Ben was only being treated for anxiety which was wholly inadequate under the circumstances. Unfortunately Ben could not hold out until he was 18 and decided to end his pain in an impulsive and tragic act. This shouldn’t have happened to such a promising young man. He had so much to live for!