• TerrorIsEvil

    “Ted’s leadership, the annual campaign has doubled to over $60
    million.” Fine, but Israeli Apartheid Week (IAW) has grown exponentially,
    Boycott, Divestment & Sanctions is a huge problem, Jewish groups such as
    Independent Jewish Voices have become the kapos, spreading the new anti-Semitism
    along with their United Church backers and CJPME; there is no co-ordinated
    voice for pro-Israel activities in Canada and those who do speak up are ignored,
    impoverished and/or vilified by Federations and CIJA. The general Jewish
    community is more apathetic and disconnected from Israel than ever, and people
    like Bernie Farber are writing love letters to Justin Trudeau while damning Harper
    in the most irrational manner. It seems the more they hate us, and the more a
    politician’s policies, actions and sympathies are with the “Palestinian
    narrative,” the more the leftist Jews love to cozy up to the anti-Israel left to
    damn the existing government which is more for Israel than any in the past and
    a stronger advocate for Jews than most Jews. That is not a good direction and
    that is what the next “CEO” or whatever other highly-paid official(s) needs to
    address rather than concentrating on empire-building, sucking up to politicians
    and working on the next big gala awards dinner to honor themselves for doing
    just about nothing.

  • TerrorIsEvil

    I forgot to mention the deliberate attempt to keep the Jewish community in
    the dark to the reality of what is happening to their demographics vis-a-vis
    the Islamic population increases and how that is having an impact on the state
    of affairs with respect to Israel hate and anti-Semitism in Toronto and beyond.

    The left would like us to ignore Zafar Bangash and other Islamic preachers who
    daily pray for death to Jews and Israel in Mosques and bring their messages
    public in annual street hate fests such as the Al Quds Day rally.

    The Jewish people are neither notified nor asked to protest in solidarity with their own people
    and against Israel hate. This is having a noxious and divisive effect on the
    community because as the voices of anti-Semitism grow louder, the only voices
    heard in response are from disparate groups who do not have any support from
    mainstream groups which are unresponsive to Islamic anti-Semitism and do not
    want to mobilize any opposition except anger towards those who have the courage to
    speak out – they want real advocates silenced and have made calls asking for that silence.

    If money is all that matters to the mainstream groups then they will wake up one day to
    find that the money and empire-building and backroom dialogues was a bad strategy because they will be overtaken by growing hostility from a Jew-hating community they have failed to
    confront when it was possible to do so; before their own Islamic/leftist politicians ascended to power.

    This is Europe all over again if we do not insist that the money goes to real advocacy and that the efforts to heal the world do not shut out the efforts to defend ourselves at the same time. The
    world seems to be growing more violent against Jews as Jews in Canada become
    more self-loathing, increasingly ignorant of their rights and history, defenseless against those who want us dead, and taught to speak up for our enemies instead of our own people and their safety and existence.