• TerrorIsEvil

    There are videos of this biased “judge” making
    derogatory statements about Israel and Israel’s leaders. In all other places
    except for the UN and The Hague, these would be grounds for recusal…but
    in the nightmarish anti-Semitic corridors of the Orwellian left, his anti-Semitism
    adds to his credentials because these folks are obsessed with hating and
    destroying Jews and of punishing and shrinking Israel to indefensibility.

    Canada helped to recue Europe and the world from ugly Nazism
    and yet the same National SOCIALISM is once again on the rampage in Europe and other
    dark places like the UN. It has now joined forces with Islamic supremacy which
    is funded by endless heaps of oil money and endless (now mainstream) propaganda
    from terror entities. These terror groups are now mainstream because the left
    have adopted them as their principle cause in Western countries and throughout
    the OIC-dominated UN.

    This whole concept of punishing and preventing a democratic,
    free, modern, pluralistic, law-abiding country from defending itself against a
    terror enclave much stronger than ISIS and much better financed and armed (by
    Qatar, Iran, the US, the UN, Canada, the EU, etc,) is a non-starter and,
    indeed, pure evil.

    If free countries are going to have their hands tied or are
    told to hold back when they respond to war against them, then what prevents
    groups like ISIS and Hamas from cutting off people’s heads or dragging them (as
    the Hamas butcher’s in Gaza do) hog-tied through the streets of Gaza?

    What the UN, EU and Obama are telling Israel is that Jews are
    not allowed to defend themselves; Jews are not allowed to fight terrorism
    (specifically directed at them according to the Charters of the terrorists);
    Jews are not allowed a place in this world. We must remind these folks that
    Israel is strong and that Jews will not be bullied, tortured and killed en
    masse by those descendants of Nazi Europe or the conquerors for Islam once
    again. We will not bow to the forces of socialism, communism, Islamism,
    ignorance, intolerance, or terrorism.

  • nopeacenow

    Also objectionable is Mr. Schabas’ apparent embrace of the received left-wing wisdom that the whole root of the current conflict is Palestinians’ lack of “self-determination.” In fact, Gazans were given the opportunity to go down that road in 2005. And they used their freedom to turn Gaza into what is effectively one big suicide bomb. That, in a sentence, is the reason Israel and Hamas have gone to war three times.

    Mr. Baird is correct that Israel probably won’t get a fair shake no matter who heads up this commission of inquiry. The UN (and especially its Human Rights Council) have always been systematically biased against Israel. And there is little reason to believe that this latest exercise in “fact finding” will be much different.


  • nopeacenow

    Professor Schabas and the law of Judicial impartiality

    Whether Professor Schabas thinks he can adjudicate the accusations against Israel fairly and independently has no bearing on the question of impartiality. Judicial disqualification is not dependent on the judge’s subjective assessment of impartiality but is based on an objective test of whether the reasonable person aware of the facts and circumstances might consider the judge to be biased. For example, the Rome Statute authorizing the International Criminal Court provides: “A judge shall not participate in any case in which his impartiality might reasonably be doubted on any ground.” Even more directly, the Rules of Procedure and Evidence applicable to the Rome Statute establishes as a “ground[] for disqualification of a judge” the “[e]xpression of opinions, through the communications media in writing or in public actions, that objectively, could adversely affect the required impartiality of the person concerned.”