• BC32

    Thank G-d there is some sanity in this weary, almost secular denomination of Protestantism. Maybe it will spread & they will have the good sense to remove this leadership that seems concerned only with their own personal agenda of hatred toward Israel & Jews.

    • Jim Guild

      Yes, why shouldn’t the United Church reach out and enjoy the warm and co-operative embrace of Jews like BC32 who thinks their leadership has “their own personal agenda of hatred toward Israel and Jews”? I don’t see any comments from anyone who says BC32 ‘does not speak for me’ and ‘we do not agree with what he/she says’.

  • Disabuser

    Too bad. I remember that the Westminster church used to support the peace movement, and I would have hoped that it supported human rights in Palestine. Now I see it subordinating principle to the expediency of local social pressure. But not everyone has the courage to stand up for human rights, unfortunately. Luckily others, including the national church, do.