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Tuesday, October 6, 2015

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Ziv Medical Center receives two boys wounded in the Syrian civil war

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Two boys, 9 and 15, who were wounded in the Syrian civil war, crossed the border between Syria and Israel Wednesday night, thus raising the number of wounded to receive medical care in Israel to around 100.
Their arrival in Israel came amid reports by international human rights organizations that the current death toll in the Syrian conflict has topped 100,000. The number of those injured has also seen a rise, and the two wounded boys join a long list of those hospitalized in Israel as a result of the conflict. The condition of the , older boy seen in the photo was more severe. He arrived in serious condition with shrapnel wounds across his entire body.
The boy recalled the incident that left him wounded - a rare feat according to doctors. The boy said he was riding on a tractor when suddenly he heard a blast. According to his doctors, the boy is suffering from a broken jaw, broken limbs and shrapnel in his back, in addition to the fact that some of his wounds have festered.

[Hana Bikel/Tikshorot/Israel Sun photo]

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