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Saturday, September 5, 2015

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Tel Aviv U offers gap year

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CEGEP students and other pre-university Quebec youth are being offered a specially designed “gap year” at Tel Aviv University (TAU).

The Canadian Friends of Tel Aviv University and BBYO Beyond helped create this new program for overseas students which begins in the fall.

The program combines an academic curriculum with community service and leadership development, while allowing students to become acquainted with Israeli culture and society.

“It’s a well-rounded experience that adds substance to the participants’ time abroad,” said Maureen Meyer Adiri, director of TAU International. The students can choose a five- or nine-month session.

In the first part, students live and study on the TAU campus. The curriculum includes intensive Hebrew language learning and an Israel studies course covering a wide range from history to topography.

Students can sit in on classes at the TAU International Study Abroad Program as well.

Later, the students travel throughout the country and complete a community service project in either Jerusalem or Ethiopia.

Participants can also elect to take part in other activities, such as Israel Defence Forces basic training, Magen David Adom paramedic courses, kibbutz volunteering, or special interests such as cooking, art and photography. Optional trips to Italy, Spain and Poland can be arranged.

“This program is a major boost to the CV of any college-bound student,” added Adiri. “Such experience is a way to distinguish themselves from their peers, demonstrating independence, international experience and the maturity to take on university-level studies.”

For more information, contact the Canadian Friends at 514-344-3417 or visit http://international.tau.ac.il.

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