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Saturday, May 23, 2015

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Sovereigntist party backs Israel boycott

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MONTREAL — The provincial political party Québec solidaire is officially endorsing the boycott campaign against Israel.

At the sovereigntist party’s convention, held Nov. 20 to 22, the party adopted a resolution supporting the “boycott, divestment and sanctions” campaign against Israel in an effort to protest its “occupation and colonization” of Palestinian territory and its alleged apartheid policies.

“Let’s be clear: this campaign is not directed at Jews… nor the right of Israel’s existence in the limits recognized by the United Nations,” party president Françoise David said in a press release. “It is to do with only the Israeli policy of occupation, of colonization and of discrimination toward non-Jewish Israelis.”

The left-wing Québec solidaire, founded in 2006, elected its first MNA, Amir Khadir, to the National Assembly in December 2008

The Quebec-Israel Committee (QIC) denounced the resolution as “a radical anti-Israel position” not shared by most Quebecers.

Despite David’s claims, QIC executive director Luciano Del Negro said the international boycott campaign puts into question “the right of the Jewish people to live in its capital and its millennia-old spiritual  centre and to use the holiest site in Judaism: the Western Wall.”

The QIC contends that the boycott campaign is promoted by “extremist and marginal” groups in Palestinian society whose goal is the delegitimization of the State of Israel and mistrust between Palestinians and Israelis.

Del Negro said the boycott does nothing to encourage Palestinian moderates, but rather gives comfort to extremists and other groups who do not want peace with Israel.

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