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Friday, October 9, 2015

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To our readers

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As our “rescue” deadline of May 31 approaches, there is a palpable increase in the momentum of support from those who – like us – desperately want to preserve The CJN in its printed form, as well as on the web.

There was the instant cry of “Yes!” from the amcha, which used every known means of communication to let us know.

There was the resounding “Yes!” from those who committed to assist financially – with no conditions, no enquiry as to why and when, no request for our immediate plans or budget.

Now, they have been joined, with the same definitive “Yes!” from the organized community and its leadership, who we know endorse our mission to “reflect the pulse of the Canadian Jewish community.”

The leaders of the federations recognize how essential it is that The CJN continues to be part of our communal fabric.  Richard Venn, chair and lay leader of those who make policy for UJA Federation of Greater Toronto, and David Cape, president of Montreal’s Federation CJA, have both expressed their unremitting support for the success of our rescue efforts.

From the Atlantic region, I am told: “We won’t exist as we are, without the essential glue which keeps us as part of the Canadian Jewish community.”

The consul general of Israel to Ontario and Western Canada, DJ Schneiweiss, regards The CJN as the “communal town square.”

Finally, in this week’s edition, columnist Gil Troy exhorts those who can do so “to make the necessary investment to keep The CJN informing us, inspiring us, uniting us and riling us – in short, keeping us as an ‘us.’”

How dare we not succeed, with all those – and countless other – imperatives?

We repeat the board’s pledge to do everything within our power to succeed.

While we are still not at the top of the mountain, we feel that, unlike the Greek god Sisyphus, we dare not allow our load to slip from our fingers and plunge to the bottom.

Chag Samayach.

Donald Carr, President

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