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Thursday, October 8, 2015

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Father donates kidney to daughter, 3

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Parents Dena and Zecharia with children, from the left, Shifra, Leeba and Binyamin.

Ruchoma “Leeba” Adler can thank her father, Zecharia, for giving her a new lease on  life.

The three-year-old little girl, who was born with bilateral renal dysplasia, mild lung hypoplasia and global developmental delay, is scheduled to receive a kidney from her father on Nov. 22 at the Hospital for Sick Children.

Doctors call the surgery a lifesaving measure.

Ever since she was born, Leeba, with the support of her parents Zecharia and Dena, both 27, has undergone weekly blood labs and frequent hospital admissions, and has been on a rigorous medication schedule.

 She has also required therapists to help her with vital basic skills such as eating, walking – she recently took her first steps – talking, progressing cognitively and developing socially.

Dena said the surgery will help Leeba immensely. “She has a funky personality and likes to be challenged, and this will give her the opportunity for optimal health.”

Leeba will be hospitalized for close to a month after the surgery and will then require daily hospital visits, Dena said.

Zecharia was about to enter law school when Leeba was born, but he and his wife put their life on hold to care for Leeba and their two other children, Shifra, 5, and Binyamin, 4.

“Our life has been on hold, but it has become our normal,” Dena said.

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