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Friday, October 9, 2015

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Death sentence for Morocco bombing

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MONTREAL — If it’s ever carried out, Adil El-Atmani’s death sentence for the terrorist bombing last April 28 of a Marrakesh café that killed a Jewish woman from Montreal would be Morocco’s first execution in almost 20 years.

El-Atmani was sentenced to death Oct. 28 by a Moroccan court, the first such sentence since 1992. It came seven months to the day after Michal Zekry Wizman, 30, her husband Messod Wizman, 32, and 15 others from several countries were killed at Dhjeema El-Fna Square.

El-Atmani’s accomplice, Hakim Dah, received a life sentence, while seven other defendants got sentences of three to four years, outraging families of the victims in France and elsewhere.

Zekry Wizman, a physiotherapist born in Israel, lived in Shanghai with her husband and son, David. He was not with his parents when two bags containing bombs triggered remotely by a cellphone exploded inside the café.

They were in Morocco over the Passover holidays to visit with Messod’s family.

Zekry Wizman grew up and married in Montreal and was a graduate of École Maïmonide, Concordia University and the Université de Montréal.

Her father, Jacques Zekry, who lives in Montreal, did not attend the trial and preferred not to speak to the media.

Even though El-Atmani initially confessed to being the ringleader in the attack, he later recanted and denied any ties to Al Qaeda’s North African wing, the group linked to the bombing.

The most deadly terrorist bombing in Morocco was in 2003 in Casablanca, in which 33 people died – not counting 12 suicide bombers.

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