September 23, 2018 - 14 Tishrei 5779


Roytenberg: Standing up for Israel in the new year

As the brave soldiers of the IDF stand on guard for the State of Israel – the dawn of our redemption – let us make the coming year one in which we do what we can here in Canada to show those who offer their lives to the defence of Zion that the people of Israel are worthy of redemption.

Horowitz: Resonances of Kol Nidrei

Kol Nidrei has a profound hold on Jews, well beyond what one would expect from the legalistic formula annulling vows. As Yom Kippur approaches, I like to reread a memoir written jointly by a husband and wife who survived the Shoah through different paths, each posing as Christians.

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Married with Kids: My kids did WHAT at summer camp?

"I’m more cautious now, more wary of the foolishness of 15-year-olds and more determined than ever to teach them the value of good decision-making in the short time we have left before  they leave home to start independent journeys of their own."

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