May 29, 2017 - 4 Sivan 5777


We need all the help remembering Holocaust we can get

At a time when the Jewish Defence League could make common cause with neo-Nazi Soldiers of Odin, when Jewish leadership fail to support a simple parliamentary motion to condemn Islamophobia, we need all the help remembering we can get.

These Basic facts invalidate theory of ‘occupied’ West Bank

The most controversial piece of territory Israel secured from the 1967 conflict – the West Bank, including Jerusalem – was then in legal limbo. To call that territory “occupied” is wrong legally, historically and existentially.


Jerusalem street

Why does the world care so much about Jerusalem’s fate?

So should Jerusalem be divided again? This is the hard question that we’ll have to grapple with, should Israel ever receive a sincere offer of peace from the Palestinians. For a true and enduring peace, we might choose to share our capital and our holy city.

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