October 17, 2017 - 27 Tishrei 5778


There’s no way the Liberals simply missed the plaque’s omission

When it comes to how Jews were omitted from the National Holocaust Monument plaque, something doesn't add up.

I wrote and I wrote, and now I take my leave

In the approximately 325 subsequent articles, I wrote about many topics. I wrote about Jews by choice, even before I learned the code.I argued that we should be accepted and celebrated for what we would bring to our Jewish communities.

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Pre-apology for the St. Louis, a look at Canada’s former determination...

As Trudeau prepares to apologize for the treatment of the St. Louis passengers, and for the anti-Jewish, “none is too many” immigration policy of the era, a look at the attitudes of Canadian politicians towards the 1930s' Jewish refugee question.

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