• viserendipity

    While this art exhibit appeared in your area, it has also appeared the past two weeks where I live, on Vancouver Island. We do not have any organized Jewish community here, but a Jewish woman and her Middle East Peace group brought it here. I do not see any commentary displayed by each image as you described, but there were two text panels that explained how the exhibit came to be organized (sounding plausible and reasonable), and how one might look at these images as a reflection of the trauma of any child in a war-like situation they did not choose to be born into. I saw no reason to question the authenticity of the images that were on display. On an information table accompanying this exhibit were several books I found intriguing. A book called “I Shall not Hate” written by a Palestinian from a Gaza camp, who became a doctor/gynecologist and worked in Israeli hospitals with infertile women, and whose three daughters and niece were killed when his house was shelled by IDF soldiers. Another book was called “The General’s Son” about one of Israel’s most highly regarded war heroes, Matti Peled, and written by his son Miko, whose niece was killed in a suicide bombing in Israel. The third book was called “I Never Saw Another Butterly.” Are you familiar with these books, Mr Hart?

  • Dean

    viserendipity: Did you see any books displayed at the exhibit on the violent march of Islamists across the world as Obama strengthens the hands of the Muslim Brotherhood? A Muslim Brotherhood and Islamic world bent on supremacy and suppression of Jews and others? Did they show the convincing evidence that this is a fraudulent blood libel designed to incite hate? Recall the propaganda Paliwood operation by Palestinians to demonize Israel? What about the ongoing wars and terrorism costing thousands of Israeli lives and now the Iranian nuclear threat against Israel occurring over the years, do they mean nothing to you? See:


    Did they show how much Israel is doing for Palestinians, especially in the area of helping Palestinians and others get the best medical care in the world? This is happening even though the Palestinian and Hamas charter call for death to Israel and missiles are shot daily at Israeli citizens.

    See: http://www.hadassahinternational.org/page.asp?id=25

    What about this initiative to help Palestinians?


  • Dean

    Our own leaders in CIJA and local Federations are inundated with soft leftists and people who seem uninterested and unconcerned about confronting the real issues. They think that kindness and dialogue will somehow make the situation better as if by some miracle. They strive to silence their own and denigrate those who speak out. They operate on false assumptions. The more we show fawning respect for Islamists who want to kill us or make us into dhimmis and institutionalize jihad and sharia, the more the Islamists will take this as victory and progress towards a new world order. Giving approval and looking the other way strengthens their cause. They say that the Jews are in agreement and support and so the rest of society takes that as a sign that their Islamist agenda is not really all that dangerous. So institutions like the Hamilton PUBLIC Library and the YWCA, where CJPME events are held, go unchallenged by our Jewish leaders. When people like Dr. Hart and others speak out, they get this kind of response telling us that laws must be broken before we challenge hate groups:


  • Dean

    Did anyone see this (link below) – Israel helping Gazans get care for CF? Have you ever heard Palestinians doing anything kind or complimentary towards Jews? Have you ever heard anything except hate and vile indoctrination from the PA, Hamas, Hezbollah, Al Qaeda or any of the many terror operations and Islamic religious establishment where all the resources from international aid money finds its final resting place – in the hands of Jew-hating murderous terrorists? See: