• Johnny M.

    Oh good Sir, Jews in Israel do have a problem, a real and troubling one, but this problem has nothing what-so-ever to do with the letter you mention in your editorial. I suggest you read (from Haaretz): “Strenger than Fiction by
    Carlo Strenger – The psychology of Israel’s declining democracy

    A recent Haaretz poll shows profoundly
    upsetting erosion in Jewish Israelis’ belief in universal human rights.
    Most Jewish Israelis acquiesce in discrimination against Arabs on the
    ground of ethnicity and or religion. If true, this points to a moral and
    political decline of frightening proportions.”

    Maybe this will help you understand why Israel is seen the way it is.

    • Barry Mack

      So who wants “interfaith relations” with a bunch of babys who throw temper tantrums? What self- respecting adult would bother with any “dialogue” in which the most important issue is deemed out of bounds? Don’t let the door hit you on the way out.