• Kavod And Kaved

    Where are they? You actually have to ask! Face it. If it’s not about Israel, or about the real and important “jew-hatred” of IAW, then Jews don’t care any more, and those of us who still care are not welcome as Jews any more.

    Send them to Israel, where jack-boot thugs will march down their street smashing windows and telling them to get out because Israel is a “Jewish country” like they do to the Ethiopians. At least it will make a nice change from hearing about being unwanted in “white” countries all the time.

    • Maya12345

      This is the type of reader wanted at Yoni’s new ‘edgier’ CJN.

  • Maya12345

    Avrum, where are you and your organization on South Sudan, Syria, Iran, Egypt, Thailand, Ukraine etc. etc.? Do you want the Jews to get involved in just your pet projects or every problem in the world? Your attitude is a joke. And if you were a good Jew, how about working toward getting back all the Hungarian Jewish property stolen and still in Hungary? There are tens of thousands of Hungarian Jews in Toronto – have you ever lifted a finger to help them?

  • peebee

    What a hateful bunch of people. OMG, can’t believe it. Have a bit of compassion,and don’t worry so much about all of the world’s ills. This is here in TO, Canada.

  • TerrorIsEvil

    I understand the importance of making allies with people who
    have gone through similar experiences as the Jews of Europe. However, these
    people are not necessarily our supporters and in some cases they are the haters
    of Jews in the modern world. Some native protestors share a common bond of hate
    with the jihad groups who have influenced and are manipulating them to be Jew
    haters and yet some influential Jewish people are obsequious towards them when
    they should be stating the Jewish position on anti-Semitism. These same groups
    and leftist individuals do not speak up for Israel which is under threat from
    Islam and the left. The left likes to find causes which do not include their
    own – an obvious form of self-loathing followed by pathetic pandering. The left
    is reluctant to see Jews as modern victims of anti-Semitic Islam, left-wing media
    and the left-wing Israel-hating Obama administration and the Trudeau posse.
    They still vote for Obama and would be happy to vote for Trudeau, a politician
    whose best friends are among radical Islamic supporters, Iran and Trudeau who is a great
    admirer of China.