• Stephen Epstein

    Dow, I live in Israel. I work and pay taxes here. I am involved in issues that affect our daily existence. I welcome anyone who wants to help build the country, to come and join us, instead of sitting in Thornhill or Cote St. Luc telling us how we should be living our lives.

    When I lived in Canada, I was a proud member of the NDP and the “fringe” that you described. Despite that, I do not have a problem with Prime Minister’s support for Israel. Dow, you should not either.

    We need more foreign critics like we need a “loch in kop”.

  • JayinToronto2

    Stephen I admire your forthrightness. So I assume you also would not welcome AIPAC’s lobbying in the US for US military, economic aid and political support, the billions in foreign charity (including by Christian zionists) etc and other forms of support by those who ‘sit’ outside of Israel?

  • Stephen Epstein

    JayToronto2, in all the years that I have watched AIPAC lobby in the USA, I don’t recall them encouraging Jews “to be openly critical of aspects of current Israeli government policies, even if it means being vilified…” as Dow puts it.

    I remember hearing Menachem Begin speak in Toronto on several occasions and he used to say in response to questions from the floor about the Israeli government; I am in the opposition, but when I am in Chutz La’aretz (the diaspora), I don’t criticize my government. Agree with his policies or disagree, the guy was a mentch.

    After leaving Canada, I lost my right to vote in Canadian elections. The Canadian government does not believe that a citizen, living abroad with no intention of living in Canada, should have their say in determining who and how the country should be run.

    As an Israeli living in Israel, I am “openly critical of aspects of current Israeli government policies”. This is one of the rights that I gained after moving here.

    We need more sane voices in Israel that can help build our young country. So when JayinToronto2, becomes JayinTelAviv or JayinMaaleiAdumim, I will support your right in Israel to be “openly critical of aspects of current Israeli government policies” as Dow puts it. I don’t care if your views are right or left, as a citizen, you have that right.

    Let me know when you are coming, I’ll be at the airport to greet you.

  • Scaramouche

    Beinart is a ZINO–Zionist In Name Only. We need fewer–not more–of that ilk.

  • StanleyT

    Beinart has openly called for BDS (boycott, divestment and sanctions) against Israelis, based purely on where they choose to live. In other words, he buys the “Palestinian” narrative hook, line and sinker rather than the very real legal right that has Israel has to build anywhere it wants in all of Judea and Samaria and all of Jerusalem – and despite the fact that Israel does NOT build on land belonging to any so-called “Palestinians”.

    We need a Beinart in Canada? No thank you.