• Roland Paris

    Yes, the Tories have been incremental, but this author is naïve if he thinks Harper is not seeking to change Canada. I recommend reading Paul Wells’ excellent book, “The Longer I’m Prime Minister: Stephen Harper and Canada, 2006- (Random House, 2013).

  • Manchild

    I’m not Jewish and I have a limited understanding of specifically Jewish values but my limited understanding is that basic Jewish values support movement towards more social justice and economic equality. This is in no way consistent with conservative ideology. The multi-decades long, consistently expanding gap between the rich and the poor is something that people concerned about social justice would want to see at least stopped, if not reversed. The Harper conservatives, and virtually all right wing ideologues like them, represent the opposite of social and economic justice. Conservative policies clearly favour those who already take the most from society and have no ethical problem reducing social provisions to the less advantaged in order to take even more. Michael Taube, like all conservative ideologues, is unconscious of the true social conditions that unfairly favour the economic elites to the detriment of those of more modest means. One hopes that Jewish values are more objective and of a more balanced nature than Taube’s viewpoint suggests.

  • $296071

    Can’t wait until he is gone and I’m Jewish. 52% is glass half full or half empty as that pretty much is a fair split down the middle. I’m writing this while in Israel right now, obviously I’m pro-Israel, but it doesn’t mean I have be blind to the anti-science, cutting of the census, mindless ideology in the face of fact-based evidence, numerous policies that have to be struck down by the Supreme Court, most notably the nomination of Nadon. The Fair (voter suppression) Election’s Act has been universally condemned nationally (by respected Sheila Fraser, our elections officer who this gov’t decided to attack on a personal level) to internationally. Not to mention the structural deficit of the GST cuts, the trashing of the tax code with boutique tax credits. How is letting people who can afford hockey skates getting an extra 10 bucks going to help me and all of the Canadians. Income splitting will benefit only 85% of the population. I could go on and on. These are things I cannot over look just to vote for a pro-Israeli foreign policy.

  • ABH

    With all respect I simply disagree. Mr Harper is less pro Isreal and more pro Jewish-Canadian votes IMHO. This is consistent with all of his action -he makes all of his decisions with partisan vote-getting in mind.
    As for fiscal competency, anyone who buys into that little gem Has been asleep for eight years.

  • Hank

    How does the Fair/Unfair Elections Act square with your statement, “There is no elaborate scheme to dramatically change Canadian ideas and values”

  • Why do I bother.

    Personally, I do not think that Jews, or Gentiles, or pretty well any other demographic that you care to mention care much about the Left, or the Right when they think about politics. Most people care about a myriad different things. Personally I think that people who rely on such labels to determine what they should think about a given issue are not worth listening to. They tend to be blind to evidence, and rely on emotions and anecdotes. Since hatred and fear are the easiest and most compelling emotions, they rely on fear of bankers, or unions, or Russians, or Jews to drive people to the polls. The Conservative Party does not campaign on substantive issues any more. It remains to be seen if the Liberals or NDP will follow this course or actually try to engage my brain. If and when they do so I shall try to be dispassionate about their proposals, the same way I would structure my thoughts when making a business decision. After all, in a Liberal Democracy like Canada, one would hope that people take as much care about political decisions as they would with the other decisions they make that affect their families and futures so profoundly.

  • Terry Quinn

    I think the writer has conveniently overlooked the fact Harper has had five major laws, with very conservative initiatives refused by the Supreme court because they were unconstitutional. This includes his attempt to install a very right wing judge who was not even qualified to be there based on his lack of specific Quebec experience. Harper is a far right wing politician and views democracy as a hindrance to his agenda.

  • Ethics in journalism

    It’s unfortunate that the CJN would publish this
    article without requiring the author to disclose that he is a former
    speech writer for Prime Minister Harper…

    • Terry Quinn

      That is what makes him a good Tory. Subterfuge and dishonesty.

  • Kavod And Kaved

    Canada: 85% of Jews vote left-of-centre; even more than in U.S.

    Harper: pro-Israel stance all talk, not significantly different from other parties, no difference in action. http://www.thestar.com/news/canada/2014/01/21/harpers_proisrael_tilt_involves_more_tone_than_content_walkom.html

    CJN: Slowly trying to push Jews rightward, based on the clear slant in recent articles. Why?

    Jews: not buying the inferior product being pushed on them

    Author: burned (see comments)

    This manufactured wedge issue likely to turn into a ‘wedgie issue’ for Tories.

  • lawrence bass

    Never have I read a article and think this person so out to lunch , Who cares the relationship the Tories have with Israel, In Quebec there is no Tory presence. When voting I might choose the person running and party not their particular politics. I am a Canadian First , and hate to tell you that the Tories will not form the next government . Harpers policies and deceit will catch up with him . The Jewish population will likely follow the winner of the next Election that is Justin Trudeau. Your idea of Tory and Israel is quite nonsense,