• Paul

    “This is where the Jewish community must make a choice, a serious choice with far-reaching implications. Effective advocacy demands that there can be no half measures, no hybrid approaches that draw from disparate strategic anchors. The binary option is this: undertaking a response that provides immediate, if unsustained (sic) emotional satisfaction, or embracing a strategic plan that seeks the long-term, meaningful advancement of the community’s interests. There is no middle ground.”

    … more delusional pap from an arrogant, self-appointed “Official Spokesman of the Jewish Community” demonstrating his confused thinking and misappropriated sense of self-importance as knowing what’s best for Jews in Canada.

    Judging from Mr. Fogel’s comment above, in point of fact, what we have here is nothing more than a clever ploy to rationalize incompetence and ineffectiveness under the guise of “long-term strategy” and further serve to bolster his own ego by taking a cheap shot at those members of the Jewish community who are actively making a positive difference and are indeed effectively pushing back at the rising tide of anti-semitism, especially from the left and particularly from the virulent anti-Jewish Muslim population, recently arrived, now residing in Canada in their multitudes.

    How crass.
    In Fogel’s very limited world-view, there are only two ways to respond. His way and the wrong way!

    Given the current state of affairs in Canada vis a vis the rising tide of anti-Israel / anti-semitism vitriol in universities, the media and the political parties of the left (both of them), this article reads like the epitome of chutzpa where the son who killed his parents pleads for leniency because he is now an orphan,

    Judging from the lack of real results realized under his tenure at CIJA, perhaps what Mr. Fogel means by long-term strategy is simply a long-term strategy in self-preservation achieved by belittling others, spreading fear, uncertainty and doubt in the community and supplanting the ideals of “community service” with growing hubris, arrogance and self-agrandization to deflect his organization’s lack of accountability in providing real benefits to the community writ large.

  • Scaramouche

    FYI, Mr Koffler Fogel: “Preaching to the choir” is actually a very effective tactic because choir members are motivated to go out and do/say something. Whereas non-choir members, the non-motivated/not-interested folks you are trying to reach via your “long-term strategic plan”….not so much.

  • TerrorIsEvil

    How would Mr. Fogel know anything about activism? All he seems
    to do is sit in his office, collect a huge salary, and, when he needs to get
    out on a field trip, arranges visits to Jordan to make an ass of himself playing
    a dhimmi diplomat being outsmarted by the Islamists.

    From what I can make out (I have to guess because he claims
    to have a strategy but cannot expand on that strategy) Mr. Fogel is betting on
    Justin Trudeau because CIJA is a political arm of the Liberal Party. His
    strategy is to tolerate the ruling Conservatives until Fogel can ride off into
    the sunset with his ISNA-supported and Islamist-coached buddy, Justin Trudeau.

    Have we not seen this kind of demonization of activists in
    the past? What about the story of Hillel Kook http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hillel_Kook
    who was discredited and whose life and reputation jeopardized because he had a
    strategy to protest the plight of Jews in Nazi Germany but the “official”
    Jewish agencies did all in their power to quash the movement and, as a result,
    Jews in Europe were left to die – probably if leaders had followed Kook’s strategy,
    many would have been saved because the American government would have had no
    choice but to bomb rail lines to the camps instead of allowing Jews to be
    incinerated. The official Jews wanted a quiet life without the shrill and
    disturbing cries emanating from Europe.

    Fogels’ strategy not only puts down activists (I guess he
    has nothing better to do) but it also is a politically-driven advocacy that
    alienates the political powers he claims to be courting. What has Fogel
    accomplished in his years of service? I would suggest that whatever advances
    that have been made to keep the Israel hate industry at bay have been the
    result of individual activists and groups applying pressure to a situation that
    is growing into a professional Jew-hate Anschluss by leftists and Islamists.

    Mr. Fogel has gone from ignoring the problem to denying the
    problem to becoming a partner in the problem by seeking dialogue with those who
    want Israel to disappear and pandering to their “narrative.” Such dialogue
    makes Fogel look like an foolish accomplice, not a Jew fighting against Israel
    hate. Now he is counseling those who are dealing with the problem to cease and
    desist. I challenge Fogel to tell us
    what is really driving his agenda and whose side is he on?

    The Centre for Israel and Jewish Affairs (CIJA) implies in
    its name a connection with and presumably an organization in defense of Israel.
    What has Fogel done to improve relations with Israel and with his own Jewish
    community? Who does he work for? Who are the donors? Why is this CIJA fishbowl
    so closed, so undemocratic, so critical of those with whom he ought to be
    partnering and financially supporting? If Mr. Fogel does not want to get his tush
    out there on the front lines, then why does he not support those who are making
    a stand? Why not support Christians, Jews and a few Muslims who understand the
    problem in ways Fogel has demonstrated a strategic incompetence. Why does he
    not network with and send some money towards intelligent poster campaigns by
    StandWithUs or Israel Truth Week or the JDL? These are the people who care and
    put their reputations on the line for the Jewish nation/cause. Why does CIJA
    support the Toronto Board of Rabbis when they rake Ms. Geller over the coals
    when she speaks out against Islamists who are the modern day Nazis, especially
    with regard to their acts of terror and violence and the plans they have for

    Mr. Fogel works with people behind the scenes, but he does
    so as a force of sha shtil and we do not know what he really represents, if
    anything. He worked with York officials to silence the concerns of Jewish students,
    and he tells everyone that his is the voice of the Jewish community when CIJA
    is not – it has made itself the voice of weakness, sha shtil and equivocation.
    I would not trust CIJA to speak for anyone nor would I trust them to negotiate
    with politicians because CIJA does not know whose side they are on.