• TerrorIsEvil

    CIJA chooses its battles
    so carefully that it chooses none at all – everything is fine, look the other
    way, say nothing that will irritate anyone, be a good Liberal and oppose
    anything Haperesque even if he is our only real supporter, see the world
    through rose-coloured glasses and you will have no problems… and may we all just
    get along as per the Canadian way – at least that is the theory presented to us
    in their mandate by a well-paid PR firm. And whatever you do, do not be an
    activist, do not be a Conservative, do not speak up for students on campus or
    those being abused by Islamists and leftists, always fight the last battle but
    never the current Islamic supremacists because they somehow fit into our
    Liberal multicultural society no matter how much Jew hatred is part of their
    baggage. When it comes to funding, keep all for yourself, do not let the
    community in on what is really going on because that would upset them and they
    might start asking questions and stop their automatic funding of CIJA. Present
    yourself as a big shot with secret plans to deal with hard issues but never
    tell the community what those plans happen to be – if they exist at all. Yes,
    Bernie is a slippery leftist fellow looking to gain notoriety and payment for
    causes which he has chosen to tackle – and he does so in an imperious, arrogant
    way – broaching no criticism – but CIJA is no better, What we really need is a
    dissolution of all these organizations and one which has elected members and
    funds available for real activism and pro-Israel advocacy – not suck-up
    politicos stuffing their pants with donations while cursing any voices opposing
    CIJA’s lack of action and lack of effectiveness.