• Debby Smith

    What would happen to civilians in a year or so if Iran is not stopped now ?

  • Jack miller

    Goodbye ISRAEL

  • Debby Smith

    Israel must act as soon as they can, I’m an American and I don’t think the president we have now is even on Israels side, I will be praying for Israel and the world leaders to make the right moves, for the safety of the world.

  • Benjamin

    I believe Iran will need to shoot off 85% of what they’ve got in the first volley of fire in order to overcome Israel’s missile defenses. Even so, unless they can get a nuclear or chemical payload into a population concentration they won’t kill that many people. Us Intel is about to release a report in a couple of weeks that absolutely shows Iran is working on a nuclear weapons program. I hope this annoucement comes after the attack. If they hit the US here at home, nuclear security becomes lowered to allowing battelfield commanders to decide when to use special weapons. Because of our military’s hatred of Iran I would venture to guess they will be heavily damaged.

  • israel can’t stop a nuclear iran, even if israel can manage to hit and to destroy fordow, what is almost impossible for them.
    the nexte iranian step would be a cheyenne-like facilitie. not only dozens meters under the granit. nexte it wil be hundereds meteres under the granit where even nuclears weapons will not reach them.